5 myths about lesbians people believe


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All we have had at some time or another that society misunderstand or reject us by simple being gay, and being this very difficult, we also face to misconceptions that people have about Lesbian. It is true that there are some things that can be observed within the lesbian world,  but others are just taken ideas from people who do not know and do not want to know about our daily lives.  and if you are just accepting Being gay, and if you just agree to a lesbian all these misconceptions can confuse us.

Let's start with our list!

1. Lesbians are not women, they all look or act like men


This is the first and most typical myths, because the clothes do not define our sexuality, some women may prefer to use larger or sportswear and thus are not lesbian,  there are women who prefer to use taco and other flat shoe! Of course this does not mean that there are no lesbians who prefer clothes or look tomboy  because yes there are, but not the only style that is in this world and we can not generalize!

2.  Being a lesbian is just a phase



I don’t know what you think in here, but since I remember I like girls, and I am not a teenager anymore! 

3. In a Lesbian relationship one of them is the man and the other is the woman



 This not true!, as we said it doesn´t matter if maybe one girl looks more fem that the other, we are two girls in a relationship.

4.  Lesbians hate men! 



This may be news for some poeple out there, but Lesbians don’t hate men! How can we hate them we like the same thing?!

5.  You are lesbian because you haven’t found the right man yet.




This is probably something we hear a lot from family, but the truth is that a lot of lesbian came to realize they are lesbianafter being dating man, and I also have a problem with this myth, how can they say we haven’t found the right man  when there are so many straight girls still looking for the one!, we all have clear what we feel and what we don’t simple as that.

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