5 Movies every lesbian should watch!


1. I Can’t Think Straight


is a  romance film where Tala, who is getting ready for her big wedding and a turn of events causes her to have an affair and subsequently fall in love with another woman, Leyla. if you are looking for a film with a not big drama and with a happy ending for the lesbian couple this is the one for you.


I can’t Think Stragiht Online 

2. Imagine me & you


This fill opens up with Rechel about to get merry with Hector, but somewhere on the way she meets Luce a woman that comes to her life to change it everything. Another of my favorite movies, sweet and with a happy ending, perfect for those afternoon’s movies.

Imagine Me & You 70x100

Imagine me & you online

3. Four Face Liar


Another classic for a new lesbian searching for good movies that won’t make you feel like love is not worth it, also has a very good soundtrack which is always good.This movie is about 4 people and how all of them have to face diferent scenarios in life and they should decided if they want to be honest to each other or just keep lying to themselves


The four face liar online 

4. Room in Rome


A film that should not be seen with the family, unless you want your mother finds out you do with your girl in the room alone !. The story of two women who are in Rome and decide to have an intimate night not only sexually but also emotionally, with excellent music and photography

.5. A Perfect Ending 


 A film about a woman who already has a fully constructed life, a husband and children, a woman who knows life is if not his family so there is something missing in your life, something that is not clear but could return that energy to enjoy all over again.

I love to watch movies and I’ll be trying to recommend movies with lesbian theme, because I am also a follower of film festivals, even living in China some of these films are relatively simple to achieve but some it takes a bit more work but I will get there. below each description there is a link and if you live in China will allow you to watch the movie for free and if you are not in China still may work!

Note: no need to use VPN and right now just few, I will keep updating.

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