Carmilla – web series / 拉拉的节目


Carmilla is a canadian web series, base on the book Carmilla (1987) by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu. This web series has 37 episodes, this episodes are not longer than 2 minutes and it takes takes place at the fictional Silas University in Styria, Austria.

Main characters

  • Laura Hollis / Elise Bauman is the 19-year-old sheltered and courageous protagonist. She is a journalism major .
  • Carmilla Karnstein / Natasha Negovanlis is Laura’s new roommate. Born in Styria in 1680 as Mircalla Karnstein, the daughter of a Count, Carmilla was murdered at a ball and resurrected as a vampire, eternally aging her at 18.
  • (Susan) LaFontaine / Kaitlyn Alexander is a  student at Silas University and is Perry’s best friend.
  • Lola Perry / Annie Briggs is a German major at Silas University.
  • Danny Lawrence / Sharon Belle is a third year student and English Literature TA at Silas. She is a member of the Summer Society at the university and has a strong will to protect those she cares about.

Right now season 1 is finished but fans are still waiting for producers to confirm a second season coming.

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