Lesbian Kama-Sutra 拉拉的欲经

Lesbian Kama-Sutra


For centuries the Kama-Sutra of book of love has given pleasure to women and men around the world, or at least to those that practice what the book says.

Now the question, what about two women? Can we use it? is there a Kama-Sutra for lesbian as well?



The answer is YES! the website http://www.sofeminine.co.uk/  is offereing 100 different positions that you can try with your girl!

Here you will find some.


1. Rodeo


Get on top of your partner, who should be lying down with their legs apart. Then slot yourself inbetween her legs and rub yourself up against her pubic bone. All the friction should lead to some earth-shattering orgasms – plus if you’re the girl on top you get to set your own rhythm.

2. Spoons


This fail-safe sex position is perfect for an intimate moment where you can caress each other’s bodies with your hands. The partner lying behind will have full access to all those sexual hot spots for a sensual interlude

3. Ripple


If you’re the “Active” in this scenario you can make it even hotter by rubbing your clit against the leg of your partner while performing oral sex.

4. Blue Cowgirl


Lie on top of your partner and rub your clits against each other to achieve a super sexy orgasm

5. Doggy Dare

Doggy Dare

this position is all about penetration from behind. This is a great way to get some serious G spot action – so what’s not to love?. You need a Strap, how every if you can’t find one in the moment you can also use your fingers.

6. Before your very eyes

Before your very eyes

Eye contact can make things heat up in an instant, so in this scissor position get focusing on your lover’s face.

if you are interested in reading all the 100 positions check this direct link: Lesbian Kama-Sutra 

Remember to be safe!

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