Orphan Black 黑色孤儿 Online

Orphan Black



With two seasons in its history, and a third season about to be released next April 18. Orphan Black is a series of sience fiction, tells the story of Sarah Manning (Tatiana Maslany), a marginalized young orphan whose life changes after witnessing the suicide of Elizabeth Childs, a woman just like her. Sarah steals the identity, groom and the bank account, but their problems multiply. Sarah finds more women like her, clones, which will unite to discover where they come from, and why they can not have children, except Sarah, who has a daughter named Kira. They are trapped in a conspiracy where they are pursued by a murderer who does his best to destroy all clones. They will have to do the unthinkable to stay alive as they investigate who they are and what kind of experiment they form part of.

主角莎拉·曼寧(Sarah Manning)在火車站目擊一名和自己長相神似的女子伊麗莎白·柴爾斯(Elizabeth Childs)跳軌自殺,決定盜取對方身份,接著被捲入一場更大的陰謀裡。本作引起複製人(clone)在道德和倫理上的爭議性,以及此議題對於個人自我認知的影響

are you and China and wanna watch online?

Orphan Black ONLINE Season 1 (China Only)

Orphan Black Online Season 2 (China Only)

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