Lala-Break Up? : The 3 days rule


A new year has arrived, 2018 is here finally, and probably there are few Lalas out there that are single or just went through a resent break up, I am here to tell you that you are not the only one in this world that has gone through this kind of situations, I just had a break up in fact I have had few break ups on my records, I am not expert, but I have being able to understand that this is (depending of how long the relationship was) an uneasy situation or a very difficult one. If you are experiencing a resent break up let me to introduce to you what I call the 3 days Rule  

¿What is the 3 days Rule? 

You may think I am crazy but I believe that the moment you it is clear that that special person won’t be with you anymore the first 3 days after that separation are the most important days and I am talking about hold your emotions and become all ice cold, throw away her clothes and delete her number. I am actually talking about taking 3 days to feel the pain, to let it all out, we are human beings and our emotions are something we cannot and shouldn’t repress, so, let it all go, eat that pizza, drink that beer, break that mirror, burn those photos, cry non stop, talk about it, call that friend and say all those bad words into the air, write that letter, run, swimming, don’t take a shower and do it for full three days.

“Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” ~ Marilyn Monroe


Once the 3 days have passed, you will feel much better, so get up take take a shower, clean your room, delete everything from that person (one step at the time) re-organizer your furnitures, plan a night out with friends and I give you my word that will set the clock forward for you to move on.

I am sure you have heard so many different ways of how people deal with a break up and it is just fair to know that there is not truly set one rule but when you fill hurt there is only going forward.

And you, how do you deal with a Lala-Break up?

Let me know


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