Ellen Page married!

Any respected Lala should know who Ellen Page is, and if you don’t know, here is a a brief introduction of her: Ellen Page is a Canadian actress who is know for her role as Kitty in the previous X-MEN Movies (The Last Stand (2006) and X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)), She was also in the LGTB+ Movie Freeheld with her co-star Julian Moore, she also came out as Lesbian the 14th of Feb of 2014 during a human right campaign in Las Vegas, here is the full speech:


This talented and pro LGTB+ Rights activist just recently announced she got married on her twitter account when we woke up to this post:


Ellen Page got married with her Emma Portner, she is a Canadian dancer, has worked with Justin Bieber “Life worth living” and she also went viral for her short video Dancing in the Dark


Congrats for both of them and their new life together! One lala less available for the rest of us!


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