Movies any Lala Should watch

1.Professor Marston and the wonder women (2017)

Have you ever wonder how Wonder Woman came to live? This movie is base on the true story of how Profesor Marston created this beloved character, the women around him and his polyamorous relationship.


2. Disobedience (2018)

Ronit Krushka returns to her Orthodox Jewish home after the death of her rabbi father and stirs up controversy when she shows an interest in an old childhood friend (Esti)


3. My days of Mercy (2017)

Lucy, the daughter of a man who is on death row, falls in love with Mercy, a woman on the opposing side of her family’s political cause. As a result, Lucy’s value for truth is tested as her world begins to unravel.


4. Battle of the Sexes (2017)

The true story of the tennis match between World number one Billie Jean King and ex-champ and serial hustler Bobby Riggs, Billie Jean declared in 1968 that she was attracted to women that lead her to have an intimate relationship with her secretary which made Billie Jean king the first prominent professional female athlete to come out as a lesbian.


5. Tell it to the Bees (2018)

In a small-town Britain, a doctor (Anna Paquin) develops an intimate relationship with her young patient’s mother. This movie is under production but it is an adaptation of the Book Tell it to the Bees by Fiona Shaw

tell it to the Bees

6. Women Who Kill (2017)

Morgan and her ex-girlfriend Jean, locally famous true crime podcasters, suspect Morgan’s new love interest is a murderer.


7. A Million Happy Nows (2017)

Lainey is a soap opera actress with Alzheimer, she is forced to retire when she can no longer remember her lines and moves with her partner to California.

8. Signature Move (2017)

“A new romance with Alma forces Zaynab to confront her relationship with her recently widowed mother who escapes to TV dramas and finding her daughter a husband. In this coming-of-age Muslim melodrama, Zaynab copes by taking up Lucha-style wrestling.

One of “The 50 Most Anticipated American Films of 2017”
—Filmmaker Magazine


9. Thelma (2017)

How to handle to fall in love and religion?


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