Where to?

It’s already January 14th, 2018 and I’m still recovering from NYE party, where is the month taking us! So I decided to make January my free trail month, my new year will only start in February.

-Just to be honest, my list of things to do and change in the new year? I lost it-

So here is the things I have been doing!

There’s a lot of posts up here of where to go and which Lesbian bar to go to, but again to be honest, is the music the kind you want to listen to all night? I’ve been trying out a few places over Shenzhen just to see if they are gay friendly and most of them are so feel free to explore and not just stay in a little box with music that’s killing your ears!

Another fact – you find more gay guys and lesbian girls in straight bats & clubs than in gay ones, funny isn’t it!

I would like to point out one club I spend my NYE in and this past weekend,

OIL club

For those who like a bit different, this is certainly the place to go! They have a variety from psychedelic trance – drum and bass – trance – EDM and the list can go on!

There’s enough room for you and your friends that go absolutely crazy and drinks aren’t to expensive!

Here is another video from this weekend, they had a drum and bass event:

If you want to find it, here is the address:


You can also follow their official site on WeChat: OIL Club

Have fun and let me know if you go, maybe we might walk into each other!

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I live for adventure 🗺🦕

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