Coming Out To Your Employer Or Co-Workers;

I’ve been in this situation for quite a while now, not knowing how to deal with it; should I come out? Will it led to being jobless? Judgements may be involved, people might think about it differently; In the end, who cares?

I completed my teaching course and decided to take on the lifestyle of a teacher here in China, one of the greatest decisions I made so far, then again; I didn’t quite think of the impact my sexuality may have on my job. It may not be the co-workers that’s the problem but the parents of the little souls you are teaching, some might be fine, some judgmental, some understanding and others will just go the easy way by either asking their money back or have a change in teachers; to be honest, I don’t really know the reaction because I haven’t been in that position.


I started coming out towards my co-workers the day I found a real relationship, it wasn’t the easiest thing to do but also why be ashamed of your sexuality?

I will admit, its way more fun not having to hide things or always be extra careful of the words that comes out of that hole in your face, one wrong word could blow your whole cover, but also; isn’t it a relief? It only took me 10 seconds to be brave to come out of the closet, the outcome? Well, they say that depends on the people you tell it to, my outcome? It did not depend on the people I were around or told that I’m attracted to the same-sex but my mindset, I chose to be happy; to be the person I really want to be and be around people who make my journey so much lighter, it made it a little easier, not giving a damn what other people think.

That was the easy part comparing to coming out to your employer or even your students parents finding out, to admit I haven’t got there yet so I can’t tell you what happen or what will happen, so just always stay in the dark?

I’ve met a few Lalas in China; Teachers, Models, Designers even ones running their own business but I never came to the point of asking this simple question: “Does your school know you are Lesbian?” It’s always the same things, “How’s your kids?” “How’s work going?” “Your school okay with all your tattoos?” and so on.

A special person told me a story once about wanting to come out to her boss and co-workers, not being ashamed of telling, but not prepared for all the words and judgements that they will throw to her side. Sad to be honest, our minds already shaped so negatively and thinking the worst, maybe they could even trust you more now? or even share more because they never really felt like they knew the true you and that crack finally opened up for you to come out and not being ashamed of who you are anymore. Yes, it sounds easy and so amazing but there’s always two or more ways it could go, so to be honest I still don’t know what the outcome but I do know you will be happier and definitely a heavy load of your shoulders!


If you have similar experience or an answer to my question or even a story to tell, feel free to join our we chat group and share your experience!

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