-Entertainment during the week-

As you all know the weekend that just passed, another great SaturGays event took place in Dolores Park, Nanshan. Those that did not make it for reasons such as “most of us are teachers and need to be at work early Sunday morning” don’t worry; there is always more during the week to do! 

OHMF2660.JPGBy now you should have your regular spot you go to during the week for a few drinks mixed with a little gossip, it’s probably Coco Park right!

Well, have you ever popped in at O garden on a Wednesday night? With the theme Ladies Night it can get quite fun! Out of all the bars and clubs in O garden I find the music and people amazing, friendly, out-going and be sure this will be again a night to remember! Since I been in Shenzhen, O garden has grown more and more into a Gay LGBT bar and I wouldn’t choose any other place to spend my Wednesday night at!

This Wednesday, 31st a few of the Lalas will go there around 10pm!

So, if you are in the area, pop in, say hi, drink a few drinks and have fun looking at the ones that make your head turn! Or just add us on WeChat and we could always meet up!



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3 thoughts on “-Entertainment during the week-

    1. Hello Kelly, you can find me on WeChat: crtslaura please send me request so I Can add you to our group you can also leave massage on Facebook if you have access to it!


    2. Hi, you can add our creator she already commented her username for WeChat and she will add you to the LaLaShenzhen group 🙂


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