How to Ask a Girl out if You Are a Girl


I’ve been noticing wherever I go, somewhere along the line I meet a girl who is either to shy to show her true self by being Lesbian or don’t really know how the interact with other girls, so I went searching a bit for a few tips. Maybe you will be able to try one of these or even leave a comment of how you do it.

Part 1: Gauging her interest.

  • Notice her body language – Many woman will slightly touch you or lean into you while you are talking, this will show their interests in you. If you are not so lucky to talk to anyone, look for the one who is staring at you from across the room.
  • Talk to mutual friends – You can ask them for advice how to ask ‘her’ out, or a simple question as ” Do you see any vibe between us?”
  • Show your interest – Pay attention to what she is saying; How can she pay interest in you if you aren’t paying any in her.
  • Know a little more – Before you decide to jump into this, maybe first find out if she is in a relationship from friends or social media.
  • Learn her view on the LGBT community – Listen to her opinions before you jump in, besides not all woman out there are gay so try not to fall for the wrong one, protect yourself.
  • What is she – Find out if she is Bisexual , Lesbian or simply straight. Just because you are talking about the topic doesn’t mean she is one of them.

Part 2: Flirting with her.

  • Make eye contact – This will show that you are interested in what she is saying and showcases that you care.
  • Touch her occasionally – If she likes it continue, if not stop immediately otherwise it will make her want to run away. Begin with placing your hand on her shoulder for a few seconds, nothing intense.
  • Be confident – Well there is nothing more sexier than a confident woman.
  • Make her laugh – They say one of the easiest ways to talk to a woman is by making her laugh, so come up with a silly joke or something funny happening on the moment.
  • Compliment her – I’ve never met anyone who don’t like compliments.
  • Get to know her – Ask her questions about herself to get a better picture of what type of person she is.

Part 3: Asking her out.

  • Ask her number – As I noticed, here we ask WeChat Id’s so try asking for hers.
  • Ask her out – Do this in person, it may be received in the wrong way over a text message or not so serious.
  • Accept the outcome – It can either be positive or negative. If positive, I do hope you have a great date in mind but if not, move on and try other options.
  • Be direct – You might stumble over your words and end up saying something you didn’t even want to say.
  • Plan a fun date – If she agrees, try to plan a date that includes her interest and hobbies as well.

From here the ball will be in your hands!


From my personal view, I’m lucky I’m so confident to just walk up to someone and tell them straight I like them, of course only if I got to know them. This might have been my 10 seconds of bravery rule or just the alcohol helping me out.

If you were wondering what the 10 second rule is, have you ever watched “We bought a Zoo” well if you did you would know if not; here it is.

It only take 10 second to be brave enough to say what you really want to say, after that you will take the outcome and move forward from that, it will either be positive or negative.



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