Mandarin for Lalas


同性恋 tóng xìng liàn: Homosexual

Literally “Same sex love”


双性恋 shuāng xìng liàn: Bisexual

Literally “Double sex love”


别这样子 bié zhè yàng zi: Don’t be this way

Useful if you’re trying to get someone to leave you alone or stop being annoying


不要 bù yào:Don’t

A stronger phrase to send someone away, works best when paired with shoving your hand in their face


我有女朋友wǒ yǒu nǚ péng you: I have a girlfriend


我是光棍 wǒ shì guāng gùn: I am single


咖啡管 kā fēi guǎn: Café

Because we know you like your coffee


我吃素 wǒ chī sù: I am vegetarian


我不吃肉 wǒ bù chī ròu: I don’t eat meat

Some people don’t know what it means to be vegetarian; you can clarify with this


美女měi nǚ: Beautiful woman

You can use this to get a stranger’s attention


辣妹 là mèi: Sexy girl

Literally “spicy little sister” but it means hottie


wǒ qǐng nǐ:My treat


Which Mandarin phrases do you use the most? Post them in the comments!

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