Hook-ups and 1 night stands

I can’t say I feel bad for being MIA this entire Chinese New Year, since I probably had the funnest and craziest one ever! While doing all these unforgettable adventures my mind has been over-flowing with ideas and one came to me, what about 1 night stands? I’m sure you had a lot of those being single during the Chinese New Year.


To be honest I can’t speak from much experience, since I only heard the next morning waking up with a banging headache about the number of people I kissed or just simply waking up with clothes in my room that don’t belong to me; I still can’t quite figure out which one is worse, number of people seeing me being way over my head kissing all those girls or guessing the name of the girl laying next to me.

One things that I can tell you is that it weren’t really the funnest thing for me to do. Through the years I started to learn things about myself a little more and that is that I can not do one night stands or hook ups.

The hook up will either turn into something more since I’m one of those people who can fall for someone in a split second or it will stay one of those friends with benefits type; and one will always end up wanting more and then it’s just a total mess and you don’t want to go out anymore because you are afraid of running into them. Well. maybe it’s just my crazy way of thinking but I prefer to do my hook up in a country I visit for one day and never have to walk into them again if no feelings are attached or memories!

Now for the 1 night stand; why do they even call it that? Standing the whole night now aren’t you… I will leave it there.

I may speak from my personal experience and again, I kind of found myself being a person who can go to second base if I don’t have feelings for someone, again, just me being weird or do others also feel like that? Being in that situation I then try and come up with the lamest excuses ever to get myself out of that situation since I clearly didn’t think what would happen after I kindly invite them over to my house! Well it would always be one of two, “Sorry, I’m on my period” “Eh, I’m sorry.. I kinda can’t” I barely use the second one because I feel to bad after all the alcohol has disappeared from my system.

Let’s not make it all negative

I’m sure we all had that 1 night stand or hook up that we can’t forget or just made all the others not even worth it!


After I just shared my thought on that, I guess we all are wondering what is an one night stand and a hook-up? What exactly is the difference?

So I went searching around and here is a few of the answers I found:

  • “I think a one night stand is when you meet someone for the first time, sleep with them that night, then don’t talk to them any more. A hook up is someone you knew, slept with, or slept with but then continued to be friends with and/or sleep with.”
  • “I thought a one-night stand was with a stranger and a hook-up was with someone you knew… IDK.”
  • “a hook up lends more to friends with benefits than meeting a random person who you’ll more than likely never see again. Although one night stands can easily become hook ups.”
  • “A one night stand is always a hook up, but a hook up isn’t always a one night stand.Ok, I def agree with this. In college, I never considered that I had any one-night stands (because I always knew the guys, usually fairly well), but I did have hook-ups (not sex) with guys who weren’t my boyfriend.  I also think a one-night stand always refers to sex, while a hook-up can just be, well, just hooking up.”

I think I will go with the last point!

Know we all know a little more about how my mind work around these types of things, I do agree that they are fun and can be left at one night, but for people with a more sensitive side they can turn into something you don’t want, so be careful out there for the soft hearted ones!


Feel free to share your amazing story or well embarrassing one if you wan’t to, or just leave a comment of your opinion on “What’s the difference between a hook-up and 1 night stand.


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