The 7 rules of flirting

Hello Lalas!  I am back, ready and with a new haircut! I am sorry I was MIA for the last two weeks but, as you all know, it was Chinese New Year:  Happy Year of the DOG! A bit late, Sorry!

Alright!, As a new year has started and I am struggling with ideas for new Topics I decided to write this one: The 7 rules of flirting, why ? You could ask. Well, I have gotten few questions from friends and people that I know about how, not always, I manage to get a girl to go out on a date with me or a bit more than that… if you get my lalameaning! And even thou I always reply the same way: I am cute!, the truth is that for a long time I was insecure, shy and, I admit, desperate (Sorry my RainbowFriends but it is not good when people can tell we are desperate). However, after a long period of being absolutely awkward I overcame all of it and I am the confidante, out of the closet, Lala that I am now!

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So, Now I will give you my 7 rules to a good flirt, They work with me and I hope they will work with you, no matter if you are Lesbian, Gay, Trans, Hetero and all those other letters I cannot remember:


  1. Personal hygiene

This is one that you have to know: It doest matter that you personal hygiene is good! I am sorry folks but it is not nice if someone comes to you, no matter how pretty!, tries to talk to you and you smell bad or your clothes are dirty: BE CLEAN!,  We all appreciate a person that smells nice and their mouth doesn’t taste like they didn’t brush their teeth that day! And don´t forget keeping your hair in good shape you never know who wants to grab it in a erotic way!


2. Be Polite

Don´t be Rude!

It is super cool when someone says what is not their mind BUT you have to respect others opinion.  “Thanks and Your welcome open doors” By My mother!  My mom will always say that to me and sure she was right!, There are tons of books about how to behave, I am personally a big fan of those, you don’t have to read them but you should sure know that nothing impress more than someone that treats you with respect.

3. Ask Questions to your date or person of interest 

Show interest!, if you are into someone the logical thing to do is to ask them questions but careful don´t be too personal! it is ok to ask: Do you like Mexican food? but it is not ok to ask:  Why are you afraid of commitment?. Trust is something that takes time to build and you cannot go and be all personal after five minutes of talk, you have to first make the person comfortable and then if the open the door for a deeper conversation go for it but don’t push!, Which brings me to the number 4


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4. Relax!

If you are relax the people next to you will also be relax, you are not in a rush, this not a competition if you like someone just let it happen and if they are not into you don’t stress about it, there are a lot more out there, remember the best experiences come when we don’t plan and do you know when we don’t plan? When we are not trying to hard and we are relax.

5. Attention to details

Details, Details, Details!  if you are going to invite a drink to a girl/boy/person you have to first find out what they are drinking! simple rule and it goes with everything else, since the topic you both have to the things they may like once you get to see those details you will have the confidence to approach.

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6. Prepare to be Social 

I am an extrovert and it would be easy for me to say: Go out and talk to people!.However, I have dated girls that are introverts, actually I think they are only two kinds of people in this world:  Introverts and Extroverts but either you are as social as I can be or you need more time to prepare yourself to hang out with others we all need interaction, we are humans!, so take your time and put yourself out there, you can start with small groups or trying to join in activities you can enjoy and if you are not so talkative at least let others to talk to you by being, step by step!


Captura de pantalla 2018-03-01 a la(s) 16.12.48.png

7.  Be yourself

This is the most important one either you are fem, butch, in between or confuse with society there is nothing more attractive that when you are confidante and you can only get to be confidante when you are truly yourself, not everyone is going to like it but you know what: Not everyone like chocolate! or Tacos (Joking! everyone loves tacos and if you don’t get out of my blog!)  Attractive people are those that will be who they are!

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Those are my 7 rules! I hope you enjoyed the post and if you thing I am missing something leave a comment below, don´t forget to give us a like or following us in our social media!


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