Cinema Lala: Meeting Point

Hello My dear Lalas and boys, inbetweeners !

I am back one more time with a post and this time to talk to you about our first LaLa Meeting! Yeah! *jumping around my room* 

I finally got my shit together and I organize a Private Cinema Function with few of the Lala Girls in Shenzhen and it was successful! Not only the place was great, we had good food, good company, a lot of jokes and we watch a very weird movie that it was only fun to watch because of all of the comments we did.

What Movie did we watch?


Captura de pantalla 2018-03-13 a la(s) 16.22.33.png

Did we like it? I would say 9 people didn’t like it and 1 person enjoyed it ! So we give this movie 1 LalaStar out of 5! *5 stars is the best and higher

Where Did we watch it?

A lot of people may not know this but it is very easy to rent private rooms that work just to watch movies, any movie you like, you can bring your laptop or USB and you can get connected to the projector and be ready to go! We got a big room because we were 10 people but we could easily fit another 5! The place was clean, full of pillows, with AC, super easy to find by taxi or metro and PRIVATE! (Which is important because there is a lot of tabu in China bout LGTB Film)


Address:  南园枫叶大厦23楼G号出电梯左转

Bellow our official Photo!


If you cannot Spot me! it is because I took the photo



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