Life with my “best friend”

Yes, by best friend I meant my wonderful adorable puppy that is not shown in the picture above, he is not the photogenic type, I normally have to run after him, hold a treat at the phone’s camera to have him look at me; or well just ask for photos from one of our writers since he like to stare at her.

Well who knows, maybe throughout I will post a photo, depends if I can get one!

To be honest, being gay or one of the LGBT.. letters doesn’t make it easier to write something everyday that has the “LGBT” topic, so I decided to write about my dog, why?

Here’s some reasons:

  • Sometimes I think he will turn gay because I’m gay “well lesbian” and he has proven me right in some way. When guy friends come over he falls in love with their legs or just simply love other male dogs! I’m a proud mamma of a gay dog!
  • Everyone loves dogs, so you can meet new people when they come from across the street to just pet your puppy, “if your puppy is cute of course”. In this case, my pup is not the prettiest but he is really cute and can surely get all the boys!
  • If I post photos of healthy food on WeChat only the ones who like healthy food will like it but if I’m looking for likes I will post a photo of my pup ” Utah, let’s get to first name basis “. I do get likes from people who I didn’t even know existed on my WeChat.
  • You can go on “doggy dates” and well it’s just because you need a social life and your dog is helping you get there, in my case he motivates me to walk or run since he can’t be a normal lazy dog.
  • This one is fun, playing hide and seek. Sometimes I don’t really like him because he chewed the couch or my clothes well anything he can find, then I’ll take him out and make him all excited to go out and play and suddenly just run away because I don’t feel like having him today after he did all those things, and then he ends up finding me. I hate that part.
  • Running away if he pooped somewhere because I don’t have a bag to pick it up or just the smell is enough to make me want to run away.
  • Looking like a bad person since he wants to go on full attack when he see other pups and of course just females, he like males!
  • This is my favorite, Utah constantly barking at people who come over, and I mean for hours it’s not just a 10 minute thing.


There you go, I introduce you to the most loving “evil” pup – Utah

I can continue with my list for a few more days of all the wonderful and scary things he does or well just sharing how magical it is to have a friend who loves you more than he loves himself, but I still think I come second sometimes comparing to other male dogs!

Still, until today I can say he helped me through every difficult situation – always giving love or just biting you to make you stop crying or cry about a bruised finger now rather than that broken heart – getting a few more likes since I only received one on my previous post – motivate me to stop eating since he makes me feel bad-looking at me all the time – being gay and showing his skills to me by getting all the boys – well he’s just wonderful and I’m blessed to have my first-born be a proud gay pup!

There it is, reasons why I love my best friend, leave a comment below if your pup want to meet a real handsome boy and well a few lalas along the way!


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