The following article has been written by a paying guest of RAINBOW and the content is completely her own.She does not work for this blog or the organisers of RAINBOW.


Saturday was a long, tiring day. We drove through to Shenzhen for the Rainbow party. I was about to bail halfway through to Shenzhen with a headache pounding in the back of my head and a sore body but I am glad I didn’t.

Usually I won’t just head down for any night out on the town, because of distance, but when I saw posts in the WeChat groups talking about Rainbow, I knew I had to go. 

I told my partner we should arrive fashionably late, because usually people pre- drink somewhere then head over to the party so as not to be the firsts one there, we would arrive on time with everyone else. 

Not this time.


When we got there the music was pumping, the dance floor was full and the sound of ice cubes rattlng made me thirsty and ready to party!

The location of the party was Fade Bar. Awesome location for a private party, it is not on a bar street so no randoms can ambush the particular vibe these parties hold. 

It is perfect. The bar is just big enough, the service is fast, the dance floor is solid with the DJ jamming his selected list for the night. 



There is a chill area, on the left side of the bar with sofas for those who prefer the more intense chatting scene and there is a pool table, which was not used because we were having way too much fun to be distracted by a game of pool. 

Outside, there are a few chairs and tables where there were constant chatting and laughing between old and new friends.

The organisers also asked the smokers to do so outside so the non-smokers felt uncomfortable, nobody minded as we’re all friends. 

The bar, the staff and the drinks are always a winner. They had a selected list of drinks listed at various spots along the bar which made it easy for both the bartenders and the people on the other side of the bar. 



Their service is quick and the selected menu for the food and drinks are always posted in the group before the party. You won’t be thirsty for even a second. 

I give a shout out to Emma and Laura who were the hosts of this party and a few more that I have attended in the past. Be sure to always be welcomed with a warm hug and a finger pointed towards the direction of the bar to make yourself as comfortable as you can be in your own shoes. 

You guys deserve another round of those TASTY blowjob shots traveling across the party by your shotgirl for the evening, the lovely Eryn. What a winner. 



You can be sure count on them to have the people there on time and having a good time by the first drink.

Also, a big thank you to Joe, the owner of Fade Bar, thank you for being such a fun host and letting us invade your bar and dancing the paint off of your dance floor. I’m sure the location will be recommended for parties that awaits our insanity!


The crowd, most of all, is what attracts me to these parties, there are the locals you see at each party and then there are a few new faces you connect with. 

This community is such a happy, free-spirited and easy going group of people that whether I walked in alone with my partner or with my friends,  I would have still had the same amount of fun I had with my friends. I believe it is not the music, nor the alchohol nor the location which makes these parties what it is.



It is the people who attend that brings the vibe and the party. 

Another shout out to the organisers who has such a strong amount of support at these parties!

It is proof that the future parties will be nothing but successful. 

Every time, I go home with double the stories of the previous party. My suggestion to you is this: 




There is no question. If you are a few miles too far from the city, make a trip. I do occasionally and never regret the decision to do so. They are all insanely RAD and FUN. 

Every time I leave Shenzhen, I leave with plans of moving there, then there then would be no doubt about missing a single one of these parties. 

The question you should ask  is : “ Will you see me at the NEXT Rainbow party? Sure thing. PUT THOSE TICKETS ON HOLD! 

I’ve heard the next party with be a pre-EUROVISION party on 12th May and I cannot wait!



Published by Laura Cortes - Business Coach

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  1. “There is a chill area, on the left side of the bar with sofas for those who prefer the more intense chatting scene…”

    What? What in the world is a chatting scene? What were you even trying to communicate? No offense, but this piece sounds like shameless self-promotion masquerading as an honest review.


  2. I understand an ‘intense chat’ to be one of the following:
    A. A drunken conversation in which you tell a person your entire life story in the hope of pulling.
    B. A very heated discussion in which one party wants to know why their significant other was ‘talking and laughing’ with a third party
    C. A one-sided conversation with a concerned friend telling their drunken mess of a friend that 16 vodkas and 4 tequila shots were a bad idea and that they should drink some water if they wish to be able to walk to the taxi rank.

    For me, it seems like an ‘intense chatting scene’ is important in any bar/club.

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