Shenzhen Stories Presents: PRIDE

Hello my LaLas! I am back once again with very interesting post about an upcoming event I am sure you will be interested at! Next month, June, it is PRIDE month and as different way to start to celebrate to be OUT and PROUD, Shenzhen Stories will host a PRIDE night.

Shenzhen Stories

If you don’t know what Shenzhen Stories is, here are few basic questions and their answers about this awesome group!

1. When Shenzhen Stories started?

December of 2016 is when we started

2. What is the goal of Shenzhen Stories?

Our goal or mission statement would be to foster international community through the art of storytelling. We think storytelling begets empathy and can begin conversations that help people understand themselves and the world around them and therefore give them he ability to make it a better place.

3. What is the website address?

3. We actually are just operating off of social media mostly. We don’t have a website yet but are working on it. Right now people can find us on all of the big social media sites @shenzhenstories


4. How often s Shenzhen Stories hosted?

Shenzhen Stories is held monthly

5. Where is the regular venue?

 We have met several places but would probably call our home this coffee shop in Nanhai E Cool called Sculpting in Time. They are awesome!

6. How did SZ Stories choose the topic PRIDE?

We try to base our themes loosely on any given months big holiday. Fun & Games in April was inspired by April Fools Day. So last December we looked at all the things happening in each month, knowing that Pride was in June but we wouldn’t have an event in June, we thought we would lead into it and have a Pride event in May. We thought it was an important event and wanted to celebrate proud voices.


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