Weekend Getaway: 水底山 Hot Springs

Let me tell you about your upcoming peaceful weekend. Verdant tunnels of diverse foliage line the meandering pathways between secluded hot springs. Pagodas constantly heat their floors for you lay your sore back on. Steam rises in clouds from a pool as you cross a romantic footbridge.

Do you want this to be you? Let me help you prepare for a weekend escape from the city! A hot-springs paradise in the hills of Guangdong awaits!

Name: 汕尾水底山温泉庄园



Ok, but how do I get there?!

  1. Take high-speed rail to Hou Men (鲘门),about 40 minutes from Shenzhen North
  2. 30-minute drive to the resort. I recommend you arrange a taxi from the hotel to pick you up. If you book through Ctrip’s English site, get them to help you arrange. Or bring a Chinese friend and that will make the whole process easier. (See https://la-la-shenzhen.com/2018/02/07/mandarin-for-lalas/ if you need help breaking the ice.)

On-Site Accommodation:


Cost/day: 148RMB on weekdays, 168RMB on weekends


  • All flavors of hot spring – do you love red wine so much you want to steep in it? At ShuiDiShan, you can!
  • Infinity pool along the river – gorgeous, very long pool along the riverside with a backdrop of rolling green hills
  • Wave pool – this and current pool weren’t open when I was there but they looked awesome
  • Children’s play areas (but thankfully there weren’t too many children or people when I was there, in fact it was extremely peaceful for a Chinese attraction)
  • Warm tile pagodas to roast on – Ahhhh, someone might come around and offer you a foot massage!
  • Tea/water/juice kiosks – Stay hydrated
  • Snacks and beer – Again, stay hydrated 😉
  • Clean, spacious bathrooms with quality shampoo, conditioner, body wash, towels and slippers, Q-tips, hair-dryers etc.

Restaurant in Hou Men:


I was blown away by the food at this restaurant in Hou Men, where we dined before catching the train back to Shenzhen. It is on the opposite side of the main road about two minutes away from the train station (turn left if you are facing out of the station entrance.)

It was one of those places that looks like it’s about to host a wedding but is spookily empty:

But the food exceeded all expectations – oyster egg dish, crispy tiny squid, fresh fish, savory eggplant, sweet and sour tofu. Recommend the oyster egg the most!

I enjoyed my time at the resort so much that I would even bring my mom there! I hope you find this recommendation helpful, it may be a bit of an adventure to get there, but in my opinion 100% worth it!

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