SZUMMER PRIDE 2018 Opening Ceremony: Review

Shenzhen PRIDE has officially begun! We will bring to you, or a least try, review for all the events as well as locations for the events in the official calendar. Let´s all support the rainbow community!

The last 2nd of June the opening ceremony was held at Wine LAB a bar that offers a wide selection of wines and offers delicious Spanish Tapas, with a relax people came together and gave a start to what it will be a month of celebration.

Place: Wine Bar

Address: 南山区侨城东路99号深南电路大厦一楼 1/F, 99 Qiaochengdong Rd, Nanshan

Metro station:  QiaoCheng North Station and Qiaocheng East Station


Note: Photos do not belong to this blog but to the SZUMMER organizers, thank you for sharing! 

The event was host by the three organizers, Alex, Alessandro, and Shane, with VIP attendance as the founder of PFLAG China 同性恋亲友会, Ms. Wu Youjian, PFLAG China was founded in Guangzhou in 2008 as an independent organization name after the American one, with her the leaders of the Shenzhen branch came to thank the committee.

I, as the founder of this LaLa Blog, was invited to the opening ceremony but I was unable to attend for personal reasons but I am deeply grateful that our blog was invited and deeply regret not being there I got nothing but great comments on the environment of the place, the emotional and profound speeches given by the VIP guests as well as the amazing work everyone involved did to make this happen.

We must remember that we are still behind to be as open and free as everyone has the right to be but it is only together that will get there.

Here are few photos of the night.

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What event is next?

Family Day for CNPRIDE, SZUMMER PRIDE, PFLAG Shenzhen and GZ PRIDE will hold the Family Day on June 10, this event will happen in different locations the same day, in Shenzhen, it will be in Bionic Brewery with a selection of beers and meals throughout the day.

Bar: Bionic Brewery, Address:  深圳市南山区白石洲沙河街商业步行街 Shangyebuxingjie, Baishizhou,  Nanshan.

Captura de pantalla 2018-06-04 a la(s) 14.09.53.png



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