My roommate is straight and it is PRIDE MONTH!

Let’s start with how I’m extremely sad that I cannot go to all the PRIDE events during this month! I’ve been overflowing with excitement since the beginning of the year for this.

I guess I’m not the only one who needs to sit at work while others are busy getting their face painted, jumping into swimming pools and parading through streets being proud of who they are.

Instead, I need to go home and hear about all the “straight” things my roommate has to talk about …

What could be worst?

Some may only show their wild side during this month, feeling free and doing whatever they feel like doing, we feel like it’s PRIDE Month every Month!

If you are truly proud of who you are, you will show it all the time and have the same amount of fun the whole year, just don’t over-do it; you might go a bit too crazy! Then again crazy was never a bad thing!

So here it is, PRIDE MONTH with my roommate!

I could never really complain since she is my best friend and show me all the cute girls when we go out or tell me the ones she does not approve, not that I always listen!

So thank you for the support Roomie!

I could not think of a better straight person to take to PRIDE events since most of her friends fall under the gay radar or she is just handling LGBT+ people flirting with her really good so well done to you!

Normally we would both just die on weekends with work and lose our minds and names during the week but now that PRIDE events are only on weekends I’m sure I can convince a straight person, that she has to be up at 7 AM the next morning, to go to LGBT parties with me! Lucky for me I have a great excuse, the last event will be on my aging day so she doesn’t really have an excuse then!

Here’s a tip, plan something big so that they can’t say no and if it doesn’t always work!  Plan carefully!

Then again? Who said PRIDE is only for LGBT+  souls?

No matter who you are, come and join us! I’m sure you won’t be the only straight one since I’m dragging my roommate with me!

My story seems pretty average by living with a straight roommate, you might have the different experience as being a “lesbian” and your “straight” roommate may not know it yet?

This may be a great time to tell her, or keep hiding that you will be going to LGBT+ parties?

Tell her it will be fun to experience and you are going just go check it out after that tell her you liked the scenery and keep the talk to whatever you feel like saying after that!

Still, Why be ashamed of who you are? PRIDE MONTH is crazy as hell and who would want to miss that just because your roommate is walking on a straight line? Show her a bit of the wild side!

She/He might judge you and tell you to move out if they are a crazy person or they will support you no matter what and you just drag them to each party like I’m doing with my roommate!

Or you can be in the situation of having a shared apartment and you don’t even know your roommates?

Well, I’m sure they will be wondering why you are full of colors each night and bringing a new friend home?

Have fun, you are here only once!

So ending my story, never be ashamed of who you are, and never feel like you need to hide the real you from people closest to you! Go wild and make memories that you will talk about or as my roommate does … Tell everyone what I did and I will be crawling away in my shame!

That is a friend, embarrassing you in front of everyone but make sure you get a good story also of taking your STRAIGHT roommate to an LGBT+ party! There’s always a juicy story behind that!

There it is, we didn’t choose to be gay, we just got lucky!

If you are joining any of the Shenzhen Pride events, don’t be shy and join our Lala group! It’s always nice meeting new people along the way!

& Stay safe + protected!

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