SZUMMER PRIDE: Family Day Review

Hello, my Lalas and Followers. I have first to apologize because I am late on this review but you should know I was absolutely present during the Family Day last Sunday, giving all the support to these growing events in China.

Let´s start with our review!

The Place:

Bar: Bionic Brewery, Address:  深圳市南山区白石洲沙河街商业步行街 Shangyebuxingjie, Baishizhou,  Nanshan.

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I personally like this place as you can get good craft beer, good pizza, and the staff is absolutely friendly. However, I think we could have a bit more “kids” friendly place, I am sure for future events this can be considered but we appreciate the effort for this event! I personally loved the PRIDE Craft Beer, I had two and I don´t drink that much! The price was super good and the weather was the best especially after few days of strong rain.

The Event

The event was for all kinds of people, which is the point of PRIDE to be inclusive, you were able to see not just LGBT+ people but also straight families and I personally bought a friend´s dog (don´t listen to anyone that says I stole the dog!). My favorite part was that we were able to see photos of the same event in other cities of China, I am sure this is the landmark for what would be a new tradition! I also really liked the magic show we got not just for the kids but for someone like me that really enjoys this kind of shows


Our conclusion: 

This was a great start for a new tradition, it takes a small step to start a great adventure! I am sure the organizers will improve and improve to make this an even better event! Thanks to Alex for the invite!

Some photos of the events

Note: Some of the photos don´t belong to me but to the SZUMMER organizers thanks for sharing! 

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What is next? 

Wet & Wild: Long Weekend

Captura de pantalla 2018-06-13 a la(s) 13.24.15.png

This is the official schedule: 

DAY ONE – June 16 – 7pm till late
Cocktail party @Poolside with swimwear fashion show
Beach After Party @Secret Spot – all night long

DAY TWO – June 17 – 2pm till late
“Wet Pool Party – wear a swimsuit – let’s get WET!
“Wild” Jungle Disco – dress code: jungle!

第一天 – 6/16 19:00至凌晨
@泳池边 – 男士泳衣时装秀
深夜沙滩趴@秘点沙滩酒吧 – 玩到天亮

第二天 – 6/17 14:00至凌晨
【湿】泳池趴 – 穿泳衣 – 一起湿身吧
【狂】森林主题大趴 – 疯狂森林主题着装

Want to buy tickets? Click here 

This event is one you don´t want to miss, especially if you are a newbie gay boy!

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For the location:

深圳西涌沙滩 Xichong Beach, Shenzhen

Captura de pantalla 2018-06-13 a la(s) 13.41.12.png

For more information, you can visit their official website 

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