SZUMMER PRIDE: Wet & Wild Review


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This article was written by a paying guest for this event and was not written by the owner of this blog.

The sunny beaches of Rainbow Bay in Dapeng, Shenzhen were the perfect setting for an uproarious weekend of raucous fun and endless dancing, and thanks to a dedicated team of volunteers the promised event was pulled off without a hitch.  Whether they had a hand in also ensuring the perfect weather is contestable.


The venue was St. Tropez hotel whose main feature was a large blue swimming pool easily able to accommodate every guest who had an inkling for a dunking.  The water felt clean and clear without a chemical tang and was deep enough for the early-risers to dive in and refresh or for happy screamers to fall in as they were pushed from the side.  The circular bar in the main room offered lots of space for casual morning conversations and intimate late night laughter, and then when the disco lights turned on the floor provided ample room for dancers of every variety to strut their stuff.

The rooms on site were spacious, sound-resistant and fully airconditioned with large showers, Western toilets for the comfort of many of the guests and wide, soft beds.  The smaller cabins just outside the main building were a less auspicious affair with firmer, narrower beds and traditional toilet facilities but the quality of condition and cleanliness was still very high.


For party-goers staying elsewhere, the choices ranged in price and quality depending on proximity to the Bay which was gated off, requiring a fairly long walk or taxi ride if outside, but directions and assistance were offered on-demand for any who requested it.

The beach itself was long and sandy, very comfortable to walk on, and the sea water warm and calm.  The beach was mostly clean throughout the day but as the evening gave way and beachgoers departed rubbish would pile up near the sea wall which would then be picked up by the high tide.  This, unfortunately, meant a morning swim was peppered by bits of human refuse, spoiling an otherwise wonderful beach experience.

And of the party itself, the music was endless and intoxicating, sound levels managed to ensure that it wasn’t too loud but then ramping up late into the night when passions ran hot.  The food on offer was very satisfying with a mix to suit many tastes ranging from a full meal of black beans with beef and rice to salads and pastry snacks to satiate the peckish mid-afternoon time.  The drinks menu offered five cocktails but only one beer and a selection of soft drinks and mineral water.

The main attractions were the guest DJ Thiago Oliveira and Japanese dancers Susumu and Alex.  Thiago’s mixing was on-point, both nights soundtracks luring almost everyone onto the dance floor.  And the boys with the bods were extremely popular and incredibly friendly, joining in with the pool shenanigans, chatting and having photographs with anyone who asked before providing a fantastic show on the pedestals.



But the biggest praise must go to the organizers who made the weekend happen: Alex, Alessandro and their team of foreign and local volunteers were totally unfazed by every query, panic or disruption and handled everyone with the kind of equality that Pride is meant for.  They were the first up, the last to bed and did it all with a smile on their faces.  I suspect they enjoyed themselves just as much as everyone else but without their astounding dedication the weekend could have been such a disappointment.


It was unfortunate that Monday’s departure was marred by heavy traffic meaning people were either extremely late getting home or forced to find alternative means but in the end the party spirit lived on and those that waited it out gathered round the KTV machine and burnt the wick just a little bit longer for a memory that I am sure will never be forgotten by many of the guests.



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What is next?

Pride Film Night

Date: 21st of June 2018   Place: Evil-Duck  Address: Shuiwei 5th street, number 76. Shuiwei wu jie , 76 dong. 福田区水围五街21号76栋


Evil-Duck, the quirky bar, and eatery in Shuiwei Village, will play host to Pride Film Night, which combines a film viewing upstairs with a social mixer downstairs, with craft beer and cider, mouth-watering meals and snacks, and a chance to discuss LGBT movies and culture, or just relax and enjoy the music of Shenzhen favourite DJ Max Pump.



Saturgays: Closing Party 

Date: 23nd of June 2018  10pm Place: Ciyuntang, Shop 119, Block B, Xihai Mingzhu (near Taoyuan metro) 西海明珠花园119商铺 慈云堂(近桃园站)

SZUMMER Offical site


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