Today let’s talk about sex….safe sex!

 This post is not to tell you whether or not you should have multiple partners, I do not judge, this post is to tell you how to have sex, lesbian sex, in a safe way. Despite all of the available information, I know that there are still someLalaswhohave questions, curiosity or just want to learn a little more.

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Why is it important to practice safe sex?

The biggest thing you want to do prevent is the spread of STDs(or STIs), they are real and yes, women who sleep with other women are also at risk.

I will try to give you my top tips, with some help from Google and my personal experience, according to the three“kinds” of sex that can be practiced between two (or more) women.

This doesn’t mean that there are only three sexual positions, there are actually many of those!

If you’re looking for our information on positions, check out this post: Kama Sutra for Lesbians

One:  Oral Sex

Oral sex is probably the most common and probably the most obvious practices between lesbians and yeah baby! Oral sex is fun if you find the right partner. What is my advice to you if you want to go down on that beautiful girl and give a nice kiss to her VaJJ but you just met her in a club/bar/coffee shop/flower shop/Restaurant?

Advice: Don´t do it! Don´t have oral sex with someone you just met!

Reality: You most likely will totally ignore my advice and you will have awesome oral sex, I hope it is. Now the following question would be, how do you have safe oral sex?
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There is a product on the market that is made to be used during oral sex and that is a Dental Dam.

It is a square of rubber, latex, or other non-permeable material about 8” by 6” to 10” by 8” in size. It is used as a barrier or protection so there is no direct mouth-to-genital or mouth-to-anus contact during oral sex.  You may think it is hard to find Dental Dam in China but in fact it is not,you can buy them on Taobao  or Baopals (English version of Taobao, if you cannot find the product as Dental Dam just copy paste the link of the shop from Taobao in the search section of the web) by looking for them with thisname口爱膜(Kǒu ài mó), they are not expensive and you should always keep one in your bag and your house. Captura de pantalla 2018-06-25 a la(s) 21.04.53.png

If you happen NOT to have Dental Dam you can always use a condom, in fact, I consider that regardless of your sexual orientation you should always keep a condom in your bag/pocket/wallet/house as you can cut the condom to a square and use it to avoid direct contact.


Remember to maintain good oral hygiene, wash your mouth at least twice a day, use mouthwash, floss and keep your body parts clean.

Two:  Penetration

The rule number one for this is: Keep your hands cleans, especially your nails!

Penetration is also a common practice either using your hands (Fingering is real yo!) or using a toy. The best way to be safe is by using a condom or disposable latex gloves (手套乳胶). Condoms are easy to find in China as they can be purchased in most convenience shops. You must remember to use a different condom if you are sharing a toy (Yes, lesbians can like toys.They can be fun and it is ok).

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Three:  Tribbing or Tribadism

Yes, People, scissoring is a thing and if you don´t believe it you have been doing it wrong!

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Unfortunately, there is not really a good way to have safe sex when you practice tribbing when both genitals are into direct contact but there are other areas of your body´s partner that can work for tribbing as this is not exclusive of only genitals vs genitals. Just avoid direct contact.

Alright my Lalas, keep it safe, keep it clean and enjoy your sexuality! No judgment here!

Side Note: No matter if you’re using a mouth, toys, or fingers, don’t go from an anus to a vagina. There are all sorts of bacteria that belong in a butt and not in a vagina so don’t mix them!



Do you wanna get test it and you don´t know where to go? 

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Shenzhen Shekou Medical Center, this is a clinic where they speak English and have a good appointment service and usually accepts insurance if you are not covered they also have a good price for services  – English Services 

5th Floor, Tower A, Wanrong Building, Gongye 4th Rd, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Tel:(0755) 8666 4776
Shenzhen Vista-SK Medical Center, this clinic do a smear test for girls, it is a must when you reach the age of 25. This clinic also accepts insurance (but always confirm first), if you don´t have insurance it may be an expensive option.   English Services 
Lvl 4, Bldg 4C, Shenzhen Software Industry Base, Xuefu Rd, Nanshan District SHENZHEN PRC 518054
+86 755 3689 9833
Shekou People´s Hospital Shekou, I have been going to this clinic for years now and they have good service, the price is very good for a non-international hospital and the results are very fast
Shenzhen, Shekou Goneyequ 7th Road  # 36  (Side to Nanhai Road two blocks before Shekou Walmart)
地址:深圳市蛇口工业区七路36号 总机:0755-21606999
The University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital, This is another good hospital  English and Chinese service 
The University of Hong Kong – Shenzhen Hospital, 1, Haiyuan 1st Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, P.R.C. Appointment Hotline:0755-86913366
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