Popular sex toys for Lesbians

I thought of sharing a few popular toys to make your Moanday, Tongueday, Wetday, Thirstday, Freakday, Sexday and Suckday a bit more interesting!


The harness and Dildo:



This could be great for Freakday! Make sure when you purchase this one to pick the suitable one for you and your partner!

Both penetration fans, you can use a double-sided dildo like the Feeldoe in many of the harnesses so that the wearer and the receiver are both getting what they seek. Boom.


We-Vibe Rave



The We-Vibe Rave is a high-tech vibrator with ten vibration modes and a corresponding app. Lesbian couples are very often long distance, and the Rave enables you to take Skype sex up a notch when your girlfriend downloads the app on her phone and controls the vibrator from a million miles away.

Could be good for Moanday!


Minna Ola



The Minna doesn’t have settings, it responds to your touch. The more pressure you put on the Minna, the more intense the vibration. It’s like a smartphone for your vagina.

Maybe a Thirstday!


The Water Bunny



Waterproof high quality vibrator with rabbit clit stimulator. Coated with soft
pliable silicone. When you want to be shaken inside and outside while in that warm soapy water!

Could work for Wetday!


Finger Extender


Its ergonomic design , conceived to accommodate two of your fingers, very effectively complement these. So long, your knuckles will gain strength and length novel, while control … enough to turn the head to everyone.

Sexday maybe ..




No need to say anything about this one. Suckday it is!


For Tongueday – Being eaten out is a beautiful thing! I do not think any toy can even come close to that feeling!


All toys can be purchased online or feel free to join our LalaShenzhen WeChat group. We know of a shop here in Shenzhen were you can find interesting toys.






Lala Opinion: Representation VS visibility

Hello Lalas, I’m back and with my return, I bring a topic that may be controversial for some people but I want to open the dialogue within the community because I feel that the purpose of Representation and visualization has been diverted.

Captura de pantalla 2018-08-21 a la(s) 14.14.38

Let’s start with Scarlett Johansson, maybe everyone by listening to the name we can know who she is and what movies she has been in, which are not only Marvel movies, she is a US actress, she is the best-paid actress in Hollywood with a career in More than 20 years, not only is she a veteran in the world of acting, she is someone who has training in dance and singing, she has won 1 British Academy Film Award, 4 Film Critics Awards, 1 Gotham Independent Film Award, 1 Tony Award and others . Scarlett is also a recognized activist who has supported movements such as #Metoo, is also a recognized Feminist in favor of the equal rights of women.

Now, why have I decided to make a brief introduction about Scarlett?

You probably know that Scarlett, originally, was chosen to play the role of Dante “Tex” Grill, in “Rub & Tug”, a transsexual man from the United States who was not only a Gangster, he also owned a massage parlor and died in the jail.

The news that Scarlett was chosen to interpret, in a biographical film, a transsexual man was not well received by the community. Why? Scarlett is a woman and is heterosexual, it is not the first time that she is involved in the controversy since previously it happened with her movie “Ghost in the Shell” even though in the original comic the character is a robot that is not specified to have Asian features and besides everything is internationally known that Japanese cartoons and sleeves represent their characters with non-Asian characteristics, returning to the topic the community of transsexuals has raised its voice regarding the few opportunities for transsexual people to have leading roles in movies .

Captura de pantalla 2018-08-21 a la(s) 14.15.06

Now, for me this topic was confusing and I had to talk to different people to understand the point of view of transsexual people and I want to think that I understood that what the transsexual community looks for are two things “Visualization and Representation” and it is something that everyone we should have. However, the following comes to my mind: If a transsexual man is an actor, should he only act in roles of transsexual men? Should Gay men only act in roles of gay men?

The answer is NO, and for me, it is a resounding NO because then this is a thing called “Paradox”. Gay men and women should be able to play roles based on their talent and not their sexual orientation and another question. Does not the LGBT community deserve + movies with quality performances? For me, the answer is Yes.

Captura de pantalla 2018-08-21 a la(s) 14.15.37

To talk about this I will give the example of the following: Eddie Redmayne, heterosexual, I interpret a transsexual woman in the movie “The Danish Girl”, Jaret Leto, straight and Oscar winner, I play a transsexual woman in “Dallas Buyer Club” , both actors gave quality performances that not only earned them the applause of the public but awards for the quality of their work, now let’s talk about the opposite Neil Patrick Harris, openly homosexual, is a well-known actor who has played mostly roles of heterosexual characters and what is his acting talent what has led him to be in different plays and musicals as well as being the host of the Emmys Awards and Academy Awards and is one of the 100 most influential people in the world of entertainment.

What is the problem with Scarlett then ?, I personally do not see any problem, is a quality actress, recognized and that would have given much more visualization and representation to a topic that is still making its way, as Heath Ledger did in Brokeback Mountain.

Captura de pantalla 2018-08-21 a la(s) 14.16.31

Now, let’s learn a little about the most popular Lala, at the moment, in the world: Ruby Rose.

Ruby Rose, is a DJ, model, TV presenter, and actress. She is from Australia and became famous after work as a presenter on MTV Australia. Ruby Rose began her career as an actress in 2008, 10 years of career, in a film called Suite for Fleur, was in two seasons of Orange is the New Black and had appearances in films like: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, XXX : Return of Xander Cage, John Wick Chapter 2, Pitch Perfect 3 and The Meg.

Captura de pantalla 2018-08-21 a la(s) 14.14.00

His career has been short and with little presence to show his acting ability, personally, I think he is a person who does not stop being the eternal model beautiful, with tattoos and sexually fluid but maybe it is because he has not yet reached the role that Allows showing your acting ability. Why do I talk about Ruby Rose?

Ruby Rose has been chosen to be Batwoman, iconic character in DC comics, openly lesbian and badass, the series belongs to The CW who is already known for its different series based on DC Comics characters.

Here I will give my personal opinion, not as an expert in film that I am not, but as a great fan of comics that I have been since I was very small: Ruby Rose is beautiful, I do not know her but surely it must be super fun hanging out with her but she is not a good actress and her flat way of interpreting in each movie or series that I have seen has left me with a bad taste in the mouth as to how Batwoman will perform and it is here where I think we are sacrificing acting quality.

Captura de pantalla 2018-08-22 a la(s) 11.18.47

There is a huge list of openly LGBT + actresses who have acting quality but there are also a lot of acting heterosexual actresses who could represent Batwoman and make it iconic (Xena of Lucy, anyone?)

Anyway! This is my opinion, let me know what you think by leaving a comment. Follow our blog and as they say out there

Rock, paper, Lalas!


Another day in Cambodia

I’ve been back in China for a while now and I still miss the sound of music playing in the background, a little bell ringing for an order that is ready, water splashing from the swimming pool and the joy and excitement in stories told by each backpacker to another.

Well, here is my story of being in Cambodia.

At the second day of being in this magical place, I got into the routine of waking up at noon, taking a shower, walking down the steps and ordering the best ( and yes, I mean the best ) banana smoothie made in this huge jug and a different breakfast each morning. I would decide what adventure to take on, what museum to see or just enjoy the sunny day next to the pool with either more banana smoothies or a cocktail. Time does not exist when you are on vacation, so feel free to drink that cocktail at 10:00 AM!

This does sound like an amazing vacation, so here’s the twist!

Two weeks before the date of leaving for Cambodia I asked my girlfriend to come with me, 7 days of no work and exploring! How exciting! Plus it would be the first trip I would take on with my partner! Yes, if you are wondering I’ve never been on a couples trip to another country! So I’m bursting with excitement!

Unfortunately, she could not join the entire trip, only the last 2 days. Meaning we would fly back to China together. This already made everything great! I get to spend two days with my favorite person in such a cultural place!


This is still the good part!

Days have passed and only two days till I leave!

I get this text message from a friend saying she will join me in Cambodia the first week and leave the Sunday night my girlfriend arrives! Wow, could things get any better?

The two days passed slowly but it finally came! Our flight left at 18:00 PM so we left our places around 15:00 PM and arrived at the airport at 16:00 PM all excited and ready to take on this journey!

Standing in a line for nearly 30 minutes,finally we made it to the front! Super excited!

The excitement stopped there.

We got told my friend cannot go to Cambodia for certain reasons that made us both go into fighting mode and my passport number was incorrect. Struggling for an hour to solve all this, I got on the airplane alone and she went to my girlfriend’s house for wine and cheese.

At this point, I didn’t know if I should be happy or upset.

First, I’m going to Cambodia, Woooo! Without my friend, Ahhhh! No work for one week, just exploring and sipping drinks, Woooo! She gets to spend a relaxing night with my girlfriend that I already miss, Ahhhh!

Just a little bit of what is going on in my head at that moment.

I video called my girlfriend before boarding, told her the entire story while drinking my fruit shake and slowing eating a croissant.

Trying to lift my spirit up she made a silly joke saying she can’t come, I did not take it as a joke so I will end this part of the story right here.

Two and a half hours later I got to sit in a “tuk-tuk” ( this is hard to explain, maybe just search it if you do not know what it is ) on my way to our accommodation. I got a few tips from friends saying the amount I should pay from the airport to accommodation, that made me feel cool and calm.

Finally, I got to the hotel, paid double the amount I was supposed to, not so cool and calm anymore.

Booked in, left my bags in the room, ordered a beer and smoked a cigarette after this long day!

Like I said the second day I already got used to waking up like this!

Everything turned out just fine and well being an amazing first few days on my own!

Met new friends, got to go to this amazing Sky Bar called “Eclipse” with a view over the city and a tour walking around the markets, Royal Palace, Independent Monument and exploring new places to show my other half when she arrives!

Time flew by and Sunday finally arrived! I enjoyed my day by spending time next to the pool, having the best banana smoothies ever and ending with a few beers talking to new friends I met!

Still four more hours, then I get to pick up my girl from the airport, so we killed the time by sharing backpacking stories and the life here in China since they never been. I did tell them the LGBT+ community is great since the one girl said she’s bi-sexual.

Let’s skip the rest and get to the part of actually having my girlfriend with me now! Picked her up and all settled in at our accommodation.

We stayed up a little longer planning to go to the Sky Bar, that ended up to be closed when we arrived. Although we did get to play with puppies on our way there so it pretty much made my night!

The first night, BEST SEX EVER AFTER BEING APART FOR 5 DAYS! I know, it is not even that long!

The two days went by extremely fast! Woke up on Monday with breakfast in bed and after we explored the Genocide Prison, that was quite a sad experience and ended the night with dinner and a few drinks or maybe a lot…

Tuesday waking up with someone being a bit hangover, getting a nice breakfast downstairs and yes with my banana smoothie we planned our little adventure for the day!

We ended up going to the Killing fields to create the full picture of what happened 30 years ago in such an amazing place and after cheering yourself up by going to the Central Market so that my girlfriend could buy every dress she sees. I had fun carrying all the bags!

We planned to go out for dinner, but yet again the rain decided to keep us inside! We had a nice dinner at the hotel with one of our friends ( the bi-sexual one ) and went to bed early since our flight back was at 7:00 AM.

Again, being all excited since it is our first flight together! We ended up sleeping anyway but it was still a great flight being able to hold her hand most of the time and making silly jokes!

Sadly we left one day before a big LGBT event, but I’m sure I’ll attend it someday in the future!

Hands down an amazing trip! Maybe not from the start but I had time to be by myself and enjoy the small things in life, being able to walk barefoot, meet locals and just see the smiles on the people’s faces.

It is sad that something so tragic happened to them but I’m so happy to see that they stood up from it all and are growing more and more each day!

They have taught me to be grateful for so much more and I do thank the place and the people for that!

I’m sure you are already planning your trip to Cambodia, if you are, make sure to learn about their culture, their ways, and the history because it is truly amazing!