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Ever just wondered what to write a blog about? Maybe your exciting travel life, being gay, places to go, music, to listen to or all those things our minds constantly keep thinking of while we wonder around – surrounded with a 100 other souls.

Well here’s my story …

It started off on a Monday and ends on a Tuesday , most people will have their “blue Mondays” as they call it after a crazy fun or relaxing weekend while I rather call mine “on day closer to my day off” which is on a Tuesday just for some extra information. Then again Mondays are always so LONG since I’m literally counting down the second to get into my bed, but not this one. My Monday morning started of great when everything started to go down hill that afternoon! I think being so sad that you can’t even cry is the worst to experience while you are walking to work and having to entertain 24 students that’s pumped full of energy and you don’t even have enough to cry.

You are probably all thinking what happened or maybe not, well that is a story for another day but also it’s not that hard to figure out.

I went through my day falling over a few things, walking into a few doors, wanting to text that person so bad but also keeping my head up and tears inside. Seeing my 24 little monsters made my day a little brighter and took my head and heart away from a few situations. I prayed for those 3 hours to never end since I knew I will feel exactly the same when this class end, fighting to keep my tears from rolling over my cheeks.

I went home, opening a bottle of beer, pouring it into a small class and started staring at “I can’t say 4 walls since the walls are always all over the place so i might just say” 6 walls.

It’s good to be alone, being trapped by my own feelings and dealing with them, figuring a way to solve them and not getting things to distract me. I think that’s what I always did, find a temporary solution to get not feel the pain right now and somewhere along the road it all comes swinging back to me when I least expect it, well that’s the moment you just keep on crying and don’t even know how to deal with yourself. Well, now; I’ll rather deal with the situation and cry my eyes out or be angry either one than being caught one day with all these trapped emotions.

So I sat, being trapped and thinking of how I will take on tomorrow, how will I sleep tonight, to be honest I still don’t have an answer, because I slept it took me a while but I did, I’m in “tomorrow” and I’m doing okay. So, I think I learned something new.

I always over think things and then I end up worse, when this time ” I let it be “. Yeah some will tell me think of a solution or way to fix it but also if things are meant to be then I’m sure the universe will play a role as well. (I’m that type of person)

Now I’m sitting here, writing this maybe useless blog or just finding a way to talk to myself and sharing it with the world. I don’t know, that’s why there is no suitable topic, maybe “Days of my live” or “2 Days of my live” .. I don’t know to be honest I like the “no suitable topic” since every situation will be different.

Also for some I hope this may be useful – to not find permanent solutions for temporary situations or emotions. Rather deal with whats going on now and grow in the process, get to know yourself more, how to deal with things rather than running away, I’m sure we all get tired some days and can’t always be super happy! Still I always try to see the positive outcome and not the negative.

We were given an amazing gift to be able to fall in love, break hearts, drink fake liquor, make friends, do stupid things, make mistakes and have fun. Don’t waste it by running away from emotions; it’s amazing to experience. How would we ever be able to experience being happy if we never experienced being sad, or being heartbroken ? Still I do think a heart is meant to be broken, to open up fully and you finally getting to know yourself, you will also know what real feelings are then.


Well that’s my story or just me answering my own questions I ask my constantly.


Life with my “best friend”

Yes, by best friend I meant my wonderful adorable puppy that is not shown in the picture above, he is not the photogenic type, I normally have to run after him, hold a treat at the phone’s camera to have him look at me; or well just ask for photos from one of our writers since he like to stare at her.

Well who knows, maybe throughout I will post a photo, depends if I can get one!

To be honest, being gay or one of the LGBT.. letters doesn’t make it easier to write something everyday that has the “LGBT” topic, so I decided to write about my dog, why?

Here’s some reasons:

  • Sometimes I think he will turn gay because I’m gay “well lesbian” and he has proven me right in some way. When guy friends come over he falls in love with their legs or just simply love other male dogs! I’m a proud mamma of a gay dog!
  • Everyone loves dogs, so you can meet new people when they come from across the street to just pet your puppy, “if your puppy is cute of course”. In this case, my pup is not the prettiest but he is really cute and can surely get all the boys!
  • If I post photos of healthy food on WeChat only the ones who like healthy food will like it but if I’m looking for likes I will post a photo of my pup ” Utah, let’s get to first name basis “. I do get likes from people who I didn’t even know existed on my WeChat.
  • You can go on “doggy dates” and well it’s just because you need a social life and your dog is helping you get there, in my case he motivates me to walk or run since he can’t be a normal lazy dog.
  • This one is fun, playing hide and seek. Sometimes I don’t really like him because he chewed the couch or my clothes well anything he can find, then I’ll take him out and make him all excited to go out and play and suddenly just run away because I don’t feel like having him today after he did all those things, and then he ends up finding me. I hate that part.
  • Running away if he pooped somewhere because I don’t have a bag to pick it up or just the smell is enough to make me want to run away.
  • Looking like a bad person since he wants to go on full attack when he see other pups and of course just females, he like males!
  • This is my favorite, Utah constantly barking at people who come over, and I mean for hours it’s not just a 10 minute thing.


There you go, I introduce you to the most loving “evil” pup – Utah

I can continue with my list for a few more days of all the wonderful and scary things he does or well just sharing how magical it is to have a friend who loves you more than he loves himself, but I still think I come second sometimes comparing to other male dogs!

Still, until today I can say he helped me through every difficult situation – always giving love or just biting you to make you stop crying or cry about a bruised finger now rather than that broken heart – getting a few more likes since I only received one on my previous post – motivate me to stop eating since he makes me feel bad-looking at me all the time – being gay and showing his skills to me by getting all the boys – well he’s just wonderful and I’m blessed to have my first-born be a proud gay pup!

There it is, reasons why I love my best friend, leave a comment below if your pup want to meet a real handsome boy and well a few lalas along the way!


LOGIC – 1800 273 8255

“In the first_ hook and verse we hear a person at the end of their rope who has called the suicide hotline. Plain and simply; they are ready to commit suicide, feeling they have nowhere else to turn and are expressing the reasons why they wish to commit this act. In the second verse we then hear words from the perspective of the hotline operator who in turn gives them many reasons to keep on fighting for their life. Expressing that this act is a permanent solution to a temporary situation. On the final hook we then hear the caller express their new lease on life and outlook on a life that they thought was over but had actually been far from it all along.”


This might be a little different from all my previous posts, but I came across the song that I’ve been listening over and over and literally feeling the pain from each verse. I didn’t know how to react after a tear ran down my cheek when the song finally stopped. I decided to write something since I knew I also went through a stage in my life were I felt all alone in such a big place, judgements and pranks all around me, disappointing parents and that might hurt the most. Being all alone after you just tried being yourself.

Out of all the lyrics in the song I can’t point out one single verse that meant more than the rest, since every single word touched me.

I still remember in the beginning as I also mentioned in a previous post “how afraid I were by coming out, friends and family I will lose, judgements and loneliness” but I never quite went into it that deep or actually realized it until I heard this song. I do know, people aren’t the same and everyone deal with this situation differently, I told my friend today;

“This song quite showed me more and I do feel since the song is about two guys that it may be harder. Going to bars, clubs, events guys and girls cheer if two girls kiss or either just do it for fun but do guys do that? They are being judged as soon as they walk into a place by some people or just simply being kicked out, don’t get me wrong, it might happen to girls too, still everyone will handle it differently depending on their personality.”


I were lucky enough for being accepted by my family, well half since the other half doesn’t even know yet “well we don’t talk” and the friends that I could count on one hand that accepted me for who I am.

I’ve been judged, I fell apart, people told me that I’m not enough and left me with a broken heart, they fooled me and left me scared, words running through my mind over and over that they yelled behind my back, I couldn’t stop crying, I didn’t want to stand up, never felt this hard, I turned to liquor, I partied, I had no respect for myself, I was falling apart and I could feel every little piece hitting the ground and it’s killing me, but I don’t mind if I fall apart. There’s more room in a broken heart.

I don’t regret feeling like that, I don’t regret crying until I couldn’t see through my eyes anymore, being told I’m going against my believes “my believes or yours?” “my dreams or yours?”. It taught me what I needed to know, it showed me how to grow and how to love myself more. I’m thankful for people who stepped on me and kicked me while I were down, it made me realized I never wanted to be like that.

People come to me and ask; “Why do you still talk to them?” “Why do you help her?” “What, they are on your social media still?” “Why don’t you hate them?” “Why…”

Well, I don’t have an answer to all your questions but I do know how it feels to be judges, I do know how it feels getting messages saying how bad you are, I do know how it feels being kicked when you did nothing wrong, I do know what it feels like being left alone, I do know what it feels like being on a low and feeling like my life ain’t mine but I finally wanted to live, I don’t want to die and I will always be there for ones in need, I will always have your back no matter what you did to me because I knew you will go through the same one day and I know off people who did, they kicked me while I were down and look today_ they are dating someone of the same sex and back then they laughed at me.


This is for the ones out there who can’t see tomorrow, who’s on the ground and has no one to pick them up, the ones who’s fighting to be the real “you”. This won’t last forever, you are staring at a blank wall right now, start thinking bigger, you won’t be in this position for the rest of your life, make that blank wall a piece of art and be proud of yourself; the rest will follow.

This is for the ones who are out-going, loud, has an attitude, come forward as the bravest, big ego_ somewhere deep inside you have already found yourself and are the person you wanted to be or you are doing everything to hide the things that hurt you most. Being someone you aren’t is much worse than being judge and kicked.

This is for the ones who fought the fight, who came out to the top but never stopped going forward, who fell in love with their life, you did it, you are alive!I don’t wanna be alive


I just wanna die                                        You don’t gotta die today

I don’t wanna be alive                             I want you to be alive
And let me tell you why                          Now lemme tell you why

Name of the song:

Logic – 1-800-273-8255 ft. Alessia Cara, Khalid






Hook-ups and 1 night stands

I can’t say I feel bad for being MIA this entire Chinese New Year, since I probably had the funnest and craziest one ever! While doing all these unforgettable adventures my mind has been over-flowing with ideas and one came to me, what about 1 night stands? I’m sure you had a lot of those being single during the Chinese New Year.


To be honest I can’t speak from much experience, since I only heard the next morning waking up with a banging headache about the number of people I kissed or just simply waking up with clothes in my room that don’t belong to me; I still can’t quite figure out which one is worse, number of people seeing me being way over my head kissing all those girls or guessing the name of the girl laying next to me.

One things that I can tell you is that it weren’t really the funnest thing for me to do. Through the years I started to learn things about myself a little more and that is that I can not do one night stands or hook ups.

The hook up will either turn into something more since I’m one of those people who can fall for someone in a split second or it will stay one of those friends with benefits type; and one will always end up wanting more and then it’s just a total mess and you don’t want to go out anymore because you are afraid of running into them. Well. maybe it’s just my crazy way of thinking but I prefer to do my hook up in a country I visit for one day and never have to walk into them again if no feelings are attached or memories!

Now for the 1 night stand; why do they even call it that? Standing the whole night now aren’t you… I will leave it there.

I may speak from my personal experience and again, I kind of found myself being a person who can go to second base if I don’t have feelings for someone, again, just me being weird or do others also feel like that? Being in that situation I then try and come up with the lamest excuses ever to get myself out of that situation since I clearly didn’t think what would happen after I kindly invite them over to my house! Well it would always be one of two, “Sorry, I’m on my period” “Eh, I’m sorry.. I kinda can’t” I barely use the second one because I feel to bad after all the alcohol has disappeared from my system.

Let’s not make it all negative

I’m sure we all had that 1 night stand or hook up that we can’t forget or just made all the others not even worth it!


After I just shared my thought on that, I guess we all are wondering what is an one night stand and a hook-up? What exactly is the difference?

So I went searching around and here is a few of the answers I found:

  • “I think a one night stand is when you meet someone for the first time, sleep with them that night, then don’t talk to them any more. A hook up is someone you knew, slept with, or slept with but then continued to be friends with and/or sleep with.”
  • “I thought a one-night stand was with a stranger and a hook-up was with someone you knew… IDK.”
  • “a hook up lends more to friends with benefits than meeting a random person who you’ll more than likely never see again. Although one night stands can easily become hook ups.”
  • “A one night stand is always a hook up, but a hook up isn’t always a one night stand.Ok, I def agree with this. In college, I never considered that I had any one-night stands (because I always knew the guys, usually fairly well), but I did have hook-ups (not sex) with guys who weren’t my boyfriend.  I also think a one-night stand always refers to sex, while a hook-up can just be, well, just hooking up.”

I think I will go with the last point!

Know we all know a little more about how my mind work around these types of things, I do agree that they are fun and can be left at one night, but for people with a more sensitive side they can turn into something you don’t want, so be careful out there for the soft hearted ones!


Feel free to share your amazing story or well embarrassing one if you wan’t to, or just leave a comment of your opinion on “What’s the difference between a hook-up and 1 night stand.


How to Ask a Girl out if You Are a Girl


I’ve been noticing wherever I go, somewhere along the line I meet a girl who is either to shy to show her true self by being Lesbian or don’t really know how the interact with other girls, so I went searching a bit for a few tips. Maybe you will be able to try one of these or even leave a comment of how you do it.

Part 1: Gauging her interest.

  • Notice her body language – Many woman will slightly touch you or lean into you while you are talking, this will show their interests in you. If you are not so lucky to talk to anyone, look for the one who is staring at you from across the room.
  • Talk to mutual friends – You can ask them for advice how to ask ‘her’ out, or a simple question as ” Do you see any vibe between us?”
  • Show your interest – Pay attention to what she is saying; How can she pay interest in you if you aren’t paying any in her.
  • Know a little more – Before you decide to jump into this, maybe first find out if she is in a relationship from friends or social media.
  • Learn her view on the LGBT community – Listen to her opinions before you jump in, besides not all woman out there are gay so try not to fall for the wrong one, protect yourself.
  • What is she – Find out if she is Bisexual , Lesbian or simply straight. Just because you are talking about the topic doesn’t mean she is one of them.

Part 2: Flirting with her.

  • Make eye contact – This will show that you are interested in what she is saying and showcases that you care.
  • Touch her occasionally – If she likes it continue, if not stop immediately otherwise it will make her want to run away. Begin with placing your hand on her shoulder for a few seconds, nothing intense.
  • Be confident – Well there is nothing more sexier than a confident woman.
  • Make her laugh – They say one of the easiest ways to talk to a woman is by making her laugh, so come up with a silly joke or something funny happening on the moment.
  • Compliment her – I’ve never met anyone who don’t like compliments.
  • Get to know her – Ask her questions about herself to get a better picture of what type of person she is.

Part 3: Asking her out.

  • Ask her number – As I noticed, here we ask WeChat Id’s so try asking for hers.
  • Ask her out – Do this in person, it may be received in the wrong way over a text message or not so serious.
  • Accept the outcome – It can either be positive or negative. If positive, I do hope you have a great date in mind but if not, move on and try other options.
  • Be direct – You might stumble over your words and end up saying something you didn’t even want to say.
  • Plan a fun date – If she agrees, try to plan a date that includes her interest and hobbies as well.

From here the ball will be in your hands!


From my personal view, I’m lucky I’m so confident to just walk up to someone and tell them straight I like them, of course only if I got to know them. This might have been my 10 seconds of bravery rule or just the alcohol helping me out.

If you were wondering what the 10 second rule is, have you ever watched “We bought a Zoo” well if you did you would know if not; here it is.

It only take 10 second to be brave enough to say what you really want to say, after that you will take the outcome and move forward from that, it will either be positive or negative.



How I do it …

I received a comment on my previous post “How to overcome these obstacles”, well I won’t be able to give you the perfect answer but I can share my story and how my partner and I overcome them together!


Some of the biggest challenges in relationships come from the fact that most people enter a relationship in order to get something. They’re trying to find someone who’s going to make them feel good. In reality, the only way a relationship will last is if you see your relationship as a place you go to give, and not a place you go to take.

I would like to share 10 points with you before we go to the topic of how to overcome those obstacles. It’s not just 10 points but also things I do believe in.

  • Successful relationships do take work.
  • You can only change yourself, not your partner.
  • All arguments stem from your own fear or pain.
  • Understanding that two individuals are different.
  • Honor each other in some way every day.
  • Anger is a waste of time.
  • Find a way to become and stay best friends.
  • Actions speak louder than words.
  • Give what you want to get.
  • Learn to agree to disagree.

Points above are the things I keep close when I enter a relationship, I’m not saying I live my life of 10 points but I do keep my head up and would like to receive what I give in a relationship, no relationship will ever be a happy one if one partner always gives more.

Now, lets take this step by step through all the points I mentioned in my previous post:

  • Mindset – Well, this one is quite easy. As soon as the other person start talking about dating you raise your opinion and tell them where you are standing with each other, no need to feel ashamed by being true to yourself and your feelings.
  • Things that may be right for you but wrong to them – To be honest, I’m still dealing with this, I won’t call it a problem because it isn’t. If something happens and either one of us don’t like it, we either talk about it right away and solve it or talk later when we are in a quite space and alone. Keeping it in will only lead to bigger fights later, solve it as soon as possible no matter how stupid the reason, it won’t be stupid to your parents, maybe they even feel the same.
  • Affection – We sorted this out from the beginning! I still get the comment that every girl is different and that is true, some are more traditional than other but you can still talk about this, everyone is human and some affection now and then isn’t wrong! In my relationship I don’t have that problem but if you do, I probably won’t have the perfect answer for you but talk about it, maybe they are still new to this game and don’t know how or what you are comfortable with; or if not comfortable at all then it’s your decision, if you really love someone you wouldn’t care about these small things, respect their ways and they will respect yours.
  • Jealousy – This may be our biggest problem. Getting jealous over the smallest things can lead to the biggest fights, believe me! This will never go away I believe, but you can talk about things that get you jealous and come to some sort of solution. I know my partner don’t like if i use the word “too” after things like “I miss you” , it took me quite a while to stop but her reason were good enough for me to stop using it.
  • Eating habits – Quite easy, order from different places and watch a movie at home, or simply take turns with the places you go to, come on; both Chinese and Western food are good! If you can’t eat with chop sticks, take a fork with you!
  • Language barrier – This one is quite hard. I was lucky enough to find someone who can speak English, and since she took the extra mile to learn a second or third language, I will walk that extra mile also to learn Chinese, I think that’s just fair.
  • Friend circle – I don’t find this one that hard since I’ve been in this situation a few times. If I don’t understand she will explain to me or her friends that can speak English will speak English to me, one of the reasons I’m also learning Chinese, it shows some type of respect if they would change an entire environment to make me feel comfortable. Then again, if I don’t understand, it doesn’t bother me; I trust her enough.
  • Family – This is one I can’t help you with, I’m still making peace with the fact that her family will never know, at the same time it doesn’t bother me that much because I know I’m blessed enough to even have her taking that step to go against their wishes and be with me.
  • The one I got from my girlfriend – Foreigners are more open to things I agree, but there’s nothing wrong with showing and exploring these things with your partner, if they aren’t comfortable with it after your tried, they will tell you and remember at least they tried so don’t be mad.
  • The ex topic – It’s fair, you don’t want to see your partners ex all over their social media page, so I deleted mine and respected her wishes. If you choose differently, good luck with that fight!


This is only from my point of view and I’m sure it won’t be the perfect solution for you or maybe you will even find a better way to deal with these obstacles. Everyone is different, everyone behave differently, if you truly know your partner you would know how to treat / overcome a situation.

“Only once in your life, I truly believe, you find someone who can completely turn your world around. You tell them things that you’ve never shared with another soul and they absorb everything you say and actually want to hear more. You share hopes for the future, dreams that will never come true, goals that were never achieved and the many disappointments life has thrown at you. When something wonderful happens, you can’t wait to tell them about it, knowing they will share in your excitement. They are not embarrassed to cry with you when you are hurting or laugh with you when you make a fool of yourself. Never do they hurt your feelings or make you feel like you are not good enough, but rather they build you up and show you the things about yourself that make you special and even beautiful. There is never any pressure, jealousy or competition but only a quiet calmness when they are around. You can be yourself and not worry about what they will think of you because they love you for who you are. The things that seem insignificant to most people such as a note, song or walk become invaluable treasures kept safe in your heart to cherish forever. Memories of your childhood come back and are so clear and vivid it’s like being young again. Colours seem brighter and more brilliant. Laughter seems part of daily life where before it was infrequent or didn’t exist at all. A phone call or two during the day helps to get you through a long day’s work and always brings a smile to your face. In their presence, there’s no need for continuous conversation, but you find you’re quite content in just having them nearby. Things that never interested you before become fascinating because you know they are important to this person who is so special to you. You think of this person on every occasion and in everything you do. Simple things bring them to mind like a pale blue sky, gentle wind or even a storm cloud on the horizon. You open your heart knowing that there’s a chance it may be broken one day and in opening your heart, you experience a love and joy that you never dreamed possible. You find that being vulnerable is the only way to allow your heart to feel true pleasure that’s so real it scares you. You find strength in knowing you have a true friend and possibly a soul mate who will remain loyal to the end. Life seems completely different, exciting and worthwhile. Your only hope and security is in knowing that they are a part of your life.”
Bob Marley


No problem is too big to solve. Feel free to contact our LaLa group anytime if you have your own story to tell of how you deal with these situations.


Foreigner – Local


Ever travelled to another country and end up dating someone there? Different culture, different nationality, different ways; everything different that you are use too. 

My traveling days starting when I were still a young teenager by the age of 19, my first location were USA; I never really experienced the live of being in a relationship but more  exploring since I just ended a 2 year relationship. Getting use to the culture and people it weren’t that different from where I were from, except the cars driving on the opposite side and money currency. I had one year to play around, date, have fun and just focus on myself!

Things changed a bit when I entered Asia.

The culture, people, scenery, food, music, night life, restaurants everything were quite different and took me quite a while to get use to everything, except one thing and that will be chop sticks, I still cant quite get the hang of picking up noodles with two sticks.

Then the relationship part came along, now that throw me totally off the bus.

When you first get a glimpse of that one girl in the club or restaurant or somewhere you totally didn’t think or expect you will meet the one you will totally fall in love with the moment you start talking to them, well that do happen! 

In the beginning everything is sunshine and roses, trying so hard to get their attention, going on dates, spending more time together until you both start falling in love and taking it to the next step after a few months. To be honest, this first few days, weeks, months isn’t really “you” getting to know the other person but most just trying so hard and suddenly when they have the person, then the trying stops; well that’s just my opinion, and it shouldn’t be like that!

Well now the relationship part starts and you are getting to know your partner more and more, it can either continue to be sunshine and roses or a few fights will occur. Remember the differences? Here is a few I know of in my own experience:

  • Mindset about a relationship – in detail: Some meet you and hang out once and already think you are in a relationship.
  • Things that are right for you may be wrong for them or the other way around.
  • Affection – in detail: Some either give you all their attention or not at all, this can go both ways.
  • Jealousy – in detail: It needs to be balanced. ” You can’t get jealous about everything, that will lead to ongoing fights, this you need to talk out together, what you like and don’t like”
  • Eating habits – in detail: You might hate Asian food and she Western food, now? Would you ever be able to go on a date together?
  • Language barrier – in detail: Conflict may occur if you understood each other wrongly, another fight or even break up just because of a misunderstanding.
  • Friend circle – in detail: You might feel left behind being with your partners friend and the only language being used most of the time is their mother language, now how do you understand a thing?
  • Family – in detail: This can happen from both side, you will either never tell your family about your partner ” This will always leave you in the dark and hiding each other from their family – this may start hurting after a while”
  • This one a got from my girlfriend – in detail: Foreigners are more open to things, that will take your partner quite a while to get use to or never at all.
  • The ex topic – in detail: Some do believe if you enter a new relationship, you should take off all pictures and memories from social media that includes the ex – in some way this shows respect towards one another.

There is so much more I can add, and I’m sure you can too but again in my opinion, if you are really crazy, madly in love or either love your partner you will find a way around all the bullet points and meet each other in the middle, I were lucky enough to find my one who were willing to find me in the middle as well.


I’m not saying it is the easiest thing ever to enter a relationship with someone totally opposite from you but you do get that one who will make it quite easy for you facing all these difficulties, well maybe you won’t even call them difficulties, but just another step you have to talk about and solve, it can be easy if there is communication in your relationship, that is the most important thing!

Ive been in my relationship for quite a while and we do face difficulties, not just big ones but small ones also, such as; misunderstanding each other, language barrier, jealousy, eating habits ….

But we do meet each other in the middle and solve the problem right there and then.

This is all from my point of few but I’m sure you have your own story to tell or even add a few to my story, or even disagree to a few things. All I’m 100% sure about is love has no barrier and no “culture difference or any of the points I mentioned” is too big if you truly do like someone, you will make it work!


-Entertainment during the week-

As you all know the weekend that just passed, another great SaturGays event took place in Dolores Park, Nanshan. Those that did not make it for reasons such as “most of us are teachers and need to be at work early Sunday morning” don’t worry; there is always more during the week to do! 

OHMF2660.JPGBy now you should have your regular spot you go to during the week for a few drinks mixed with a little gossip, it’s probably Coco Park right!

Well, have you ever popped in at O garden on a Wednesday night? With the theme Ladies Night it can get quite fun! Out of all the bars and clubs in O garden I find the music and people amazing, friendly, out-going and be sure this will be again a night to remember! Since I been in Shenzhen, O garden has grown more and more into a Gay LGBT bar and I wouldn’t choose any other place to spend my Wednesday night at!

This Wednesday, 31st a few of the Lalas will go there around 10pm!

So, if you are in the area, pop in, say hi, drink a few drinks and have fun looking at the ones that make your head turn! Or just add us on WeChat and we could always meet up!