Lolz in Translation

Learning Chinese is intimidating. Some tourists in China aren’t even willing to try for fear of saying the wrong thing. The following are true stories from my life. While giving an introduction to the different kind of dances of the Dai Minority group, what my teacher actually said was: “This group of dances includes theContinue reading “Lolz in Translation”

Queer Eye Reboot: Gay Town, USA

The Queer Eye for the Straight Guy reboot has a whole new cast and location and the second season just dropped (can we say “dropped” for TV shows??) on Netflix. The new Fab 5 are a diverse, fun team, and while the stories of their nominees vary from episode to episode, exploring friendships, cuisine, family,Continue reading “Queer Eye Reboot: Gay Town, USA”

Weekend Getaway: 水底山 Hot Springs

Let me tell you about your upcoming peaceful weekend. Verdant tunnels of diverse foliage line the meandering pathways between secluded hot springs. Pagodas constantly heat their floors for you lay your sore back on. Steam rises in clouds from a pool as you cross a romantic footbridge. Do you want this to be you? LetContinue reading “Weekend Getaway: 水底山 Hot Springs”

La La-dorable Songs 2.0

Back with another playlist, extra extra thanks to my LaLas who left comments of their favorite songs, I’ve included them! Pynk – Janelle Monae The most lesbian music video ever just dropped: Pynk is from Monae’s full-length emotion picture “Dirty Computer,” an absolutely beautiful, relevant work of art to our generation: Paradise Girls – DeerhoofContinue reading “La La-dorable Songs 2.0”

Best Apps for Picking up Girls

Honorable Mention #1: Tinder If you’re a single Lala, I am sure you have tried Tinder. So why didn’t I ever find you? Probably because you compulsively download, delete, and re-download it due to your cycle of boredom and frustration. Tinder is FULL of hot girls with boyfriends, looking for a unicorn. I think that’sContinue reading “Best Apps for Picking up Girls”

The importance of Having a Gay Best Friend (When You’re Gay)

“When you’re gay, your friends are your family.” -Quote from a youtube video about the L-Word Ryn and I met because we had the same tooth-brushing schedule in the dorm bathroom. I was 19 and she was 18 when we moved into the same building. Every morning, that first week of fall semester, we wouldContinue reading “The importance of Having a Gay Best Friend (When You’re Gay)”

La La-dorable Songs

Happy new year Lalas! For your new years present, I’ve made this super gay playlist for you. These should get the year of the dog started off nice and queer. But this is just the beginning – POST YOUR FAVORITE LALA SONGS IN THE COMMENTS! I need more music too! Covers that make the songsContinue reading “La La-dorable Songs”

Mandarin for Lalas

  同性恋 tóng xìng liàn: Homosexual Literally “Same sex love”   双性恋 shuāng xìng liàn: Bisexual Literally “Double sex love”   别这样子 bié zhè yàng zi: Don’t be this way Useful if you’re trying to get someone to leave you alone or stop being annoying   不要 bù yào:Don’t A stronger phrase to send someoneContinue reading “Mandarin for Lalas”