It is a podcast that you didn’t ask for, but we are doing it anyway. We are two queer women living in China. We like to read posts that other people publish online. We are not experts con social issues, but we believe in words, and we like to talk while eating a good taco!Continue reading “LEZ TACO’BOUT IT”

Top 10 Difficulties of Being a Gay Man

Today, coming out as gay isn’t as difficult a task as it was in the past, and yet it’s still one of the difficulties that gay men “in the closet” still have to face. in this article, I will attempt to count down and discuss briefly the top 10 difficulties that face gay men. 10.Continue reading “Top 10 Difficulties of Being a Gay Man”

Rainbow Hip-Hop Night: Review

Anonymous review. This is my first entry for LalaSZ blog post so please be gentle! Last Saturday, I joined the Rainbow party at Luna. I arrived at around 9.30pm and was a little nervous as I didn’t know anyone as I’m ‘fresh off the boat’. I’d seen the advertisement for the party in a groupContinue reading “Rainbow Hip-Hop Night: Review”

Shenzhen Nightlife; A Gay Man’s Insight

Its almost unbelievable that being gay was considered crime until 1997 and as a mental illness in China, and only in 2001 that they took it off the list. China is known for being almost crime-free due to the absence of guns, and no homophobic-related crimes have been heard of especially in recent years. FastContinue reading “Shenzhen Nightlife; A Gay Man’s Insight”

Rainbow presents: Hip-Hop Night

Rock, paper… Rainbow! Rainbow Movement is back and with a new party, HIP-HOP night at Luna Bar is on Saturday, September 22nd. If you are one of our followers or new in town you should come and Have the change to meet new people. Luna BAR This Bar has been in Shekou for a while,Continue reading “Rainbow presents: Hip-Hop Night”