Top 10 Difficulties of Being a Gay Man

Today, coming out as gay isn’t as difficult a task as it was in the past, and yet it’s still one of the difficulties that gay men “in the closet” still have to face. in this article, I will attempt to count down and discuss briefly the top 10 difficulties that face gay men. 10.Continue reading “Top 10 Difficulties of Being a Gay Man”


Hello Everyone, we have talked before about the very iconic Rainbow FLAG. Now once again we will talk about the FLAG and how it has changed to be more inclusive New FLAG  Who designed it? Daniel Quasar, a designer based in Portland, he felt that LGBT flag should be visually separated from the newer stripes,Continue reading “The New LGTBIQ+ FLAG”

Queer Eye Reboot: Gay Town, USA

The Queer Eye for the Straight Guy reboot has a whole new cast and location and the second season just dropped (can we say “dropped” for TV shows??) on Netflix. The new Fab 5 are a diverse, fun team, and while the stories of their nominees vary from episode to episode, exploring friendships, cuisine, family,Continue reading “Queer Eye Reboot: Gay Town, USA”

SZUMMER PRIDE: Family Day Review

Hello, my Lalas and Followers. I have first to apologize because I am late on this review but you should know I was absolutely present during the Family Day last Sunday, giving all the support to these growing events in China. Let´s start with our review! The Place: Bar: Bionic Brewery, Address:  深圳市南山区白石洲沙河街商业步行街 Shangyebuxingjie, Baishizhou,  Nanshan. IContinue reading “SZUMMER PRIDE: Family Day Review”

Shenzhen​ Stories Presents: PRIDE Quick Review

Hello, my beautiful Lalas and Rainbow people! I am back and this time with my review about what Shenzhen Stories: Pride, as you should know, or maybe not, I was one of the speakers this time! Yes! I was so nervous but I did my best to tell my story about how I came out ofContinue reading “Shenzhen​ Stories Presents: PRIDE Quick Review”

Shenzhen Stories Presents: PRIDE

Hello my LaLas! I am back once again with very interesting post about an upcoming event I am sure you will be interested at! Next month, June, it is PRIDE month and as different way to start to celebrate to be OUT and PROUD, Shenzhen Stories will host a PRIDE night. If you don’t know whatContinue reading “Shenzhen Stories Presents: PRIDE”

La La-dorable Songs 2.0

Back with another playlist, extra extra thanks to my LaLas who left comments of their favorite songs, I’ve included them! Pynk – Janelle Monae The most lesbian music video ever just dropped: Pynk is from Monae’s full-length emotion picture “Dirty Computer,” an absolutely beautiful, relevant work of art to our generation: Paradise Girls – DeerhoofContinue reading “La La-dorable Songs 2.0”