Top 10 Difficulties of Being a Gay Man

Today, coming out as gay isn’t as difficult a task as it was in the past, and yet it’s still one of the difficulties that gay men “in the closet” still have to face. in this article, I will attempt to count down and discuss briefly the top 10 difficulties that face gay men. 10.Continue reading “Top 10 Difficulties of Being a Gay Man”

How do I handle my first lesbian relationship?

I’m straight but I’m starting to question my sexuality, so how do I know if this is something I really want or if it is just a phase? Here are a few questions you might ask yourself with a few tips that I hope you can find help if you are in a situation likeContinue reading “How do I handle my first lesbian relationship?”


Today let’s talk about sex….safe sex!  This post is not to tell you whether or not you should have multiple partners, I do not judge, this post is to tell you how to have sex, lesbian sex, in a safe way. Despite all of the available information, I know that there are still someLalaswhohave questions,Continue reading “#Safe-LaLa-Sex”

Best Apps for Picking up Girls

Honorable Mention #1: Tinder If you’re a single Lala, I am sure you have tried Tinder. So why didn’t I ever find you? Probably because you compulsively download, delete, and re-download it due to your cycle of boredom and frustration. Tinder is FULL of hot girls with boyfriends, looking for a unicorn. I think that’sContinue reading “Best Apps for Picking up Girls”

The importance of Having a Gay Best Friend (When You’re Gay)

“When you’re gay, your friends are your family.” -Quote from a youtube video about the L-Word Ryn and I met because we had the same tooth-brushing schedule in the dorm bathroom. I was 19 and she was 18 when we moved into the same building. Every morning, that first week of fall semester, we wouldContinue reading “The importance of Having a Gay Best Friend (When You’re Gay)”

LOGIC – 1800 273 8255

“In the first_ hook and verse we hear a person at the end of their rope who has called the suicide hotline. Plain and simply; they are ready to commit suicide, feeling they have nowhere else to turn and are expressing the reasons why they wish to commit this act. In the second verse we thenContinue reading “LOGIC – 1800 273 8255”