SaturGays presents Hanky Panky: Review


This article was written by a paying guest of this month’s SaturGays and was not written by the owner of this blog.

Where do I begin? You put on your naughty or undercover ‘hoe’ outfit and go pick the hanky of your choice!

Green – Gay

Pink – Lesbian

Orange – Bisexual

Light Pink (I guess)- Transgender

Blue – Straight / Other

Then, you place your hanky in your back right pocket if you are taken or back left pocket if you are looking, I guess that’s why they called it Hanky Panky, and I wanted to take the blue one, no reason specifically, I just like the color.

It all began by entering, getting your free drink token , stamp on your left hand, a lovely pink SaturGays bracelet and then the Hanky of your choice. I asked for mine to be a surprise and I ended up getting a pink one, well, this turned out to be the correct color for me anyway, and then I just hid it under my clothes.

First person I saw as I was walking in:

The lovely Drag Queen, shout out to you for walking in those heels for the entirety of the night!

I was looking for friends from previous SaturGays and spotted a few! Most of the crowd were new faces with all different  colors of ‘hankies’.

To be honest, I was afraid to go as I thought it would be a SaturGUYS event and not SaturGAYS but there were quite a few girls, more straight than lesbian though. Same with the guys, I could probably count the amount of lesbians in there on one hand but it was still a fun night spent meeting new people and squeezing my way onto the dancefloor.

To make it easier, here’s a list of the things which I thought were “Good” and “Not so good”:


The entire night was enjoyable with my friends.

The handsome GoGos that all the straight girls was going crazy about.(only male dancers)

The location.

All the new faces ( SaturGays will grow, but maybe put an ‘S’ at the LGBT as there will be a lot of straight people.

Meeting up with old friends.

The lighting and music.

Not So Good:

Well, drinks were pretty expensive. (The organiser of this party has told me that there was a drink offer on that consisted of drinks which were three for 100rmb, unfortunately, these drinks were not to my taste)

Only gay guys or friends got more free drink tickets, this was just my observation.

Standing for an hour to get to the toilet- there is only one unisex toilet in the establishment but I have since discovered that their were public ones that could be used next door, on a higher floor.

Late-comers didn’t get a free drink token or a hanky, even though they had paid for their ticket in advance. (This happened to a friend of mine, I cannot speak for all late-comers, only the one that was in my group)

At the risk of repetition, these are only my observations.

I was happy to see all the new faces and how the word is spreading about SaturGays but in some way, I feel the main purpose of the party’s existence is disappearing. It is no longer only an LGBT party.

This being said, thank you to the organizer for planning a fun night! I understand this was the first one you planned alone.

For those who went, I hope you also had a fun night!

I am a huge supporter of all of the LGBT activities in Shenzhen and attend all of the events that I’m able to.

I do not want this to come across as a criticism of SaturGays as the positives of Hanky Panky certainly outweighed the negatives.

SaturGays Presents: Hanky Panky

It is Here! It is Queer: Hanky Paky

SaturGays new party, Hanky Panky, is on March 31st. Receive your desired color Hankie on arrival which best represents you and what you are looking for. Drag superstar Kimberley Kumswell will be your queen for the evening. Cash prizes to be won so don;t miss out on your chance to win. Scan QR code by long pressing the poster for tickets or visit Tickets 100RMB on the door. See you all there.

3月31号SATURGAYS将举行Hanky Panky。到场时领取适合自己的手帕,用以暗示自己属性,希望遇到什么样的人。明星变装皇后Kimberley Kumswell看到我们性感的gogo时一定会失控!还有机会获得现金奖喔!长按/扫描二维码前往购票页面.



Location: 深圳南山区蛇口工业三路南海意库2栋101  Dolores Park Shekou NH E-Cool Industrial 3RD RD. Building 2#101 Shekou

Closest Metro: Shekou Lline SeaWorld Stop Exit C 蛇口线海上世界出口C

Party Starts at 10 pm! 

OoshAsia In Shenzhen

Hello my Lalas! if you are a regular for HK, or just knew and wants to know more about LGTB+ Parties, you should know about Oosh!

They are here, they are Queer and they want to party!

Captura de pantalla 2018-03-09 a la(s) 15.27.55

Safe the date: 24th March 2018!!



And if you want to follow their Facebook Page:

I will not be able to go! Sorry guys! but let me know how is it!




A Lollipop Review

27th of January 2018 will be mark as the first Saturgays party of the year, hopefully no the last, I am a regular follower of these Saturgays events, it is not only to support the LGTB+ community in Shenzhen but it is also a good way to meet new people, which I did, so I will start this little review about this super duper great party.

  1. The place: Magma-Dolores Park

The place is small but it is enough to hold what I believe can be up to a hundred people, the service was great and it is not far from a metro stop so it is easy to get to the place without the need to spend a lot of money, the decoration is simple but enough, good lights and private even thou it is next to a main road.

If you want to go back to the place here is the address:

Magma | Dolores Park

NH E-Cool , Industrial 3 rd Rd. Building 2 # 101 Shekou
深圳市南山区蛇口工业三路南海意库2栋101 朵多儿


  • Location
  • Metro station near to the place
  • Private
  • Good ventilation


  •  it has only one bathroom and it got some problems with water that were easy solved (Thanks for that!!!)
  • People were allow to smoke inside, not so sure if it was the best option but hey once in awhile a good smoke is ok.

2. The music

Great DJ! Great Gogo dancers! one for the girls and one for the boys, there was a good mix that I sure say most of us enjoyed. I sure did!.

I just never got to know what does it mean Mefaun?! (if someone knows please let me know!)


3. The People

Without any question the best part of this parties are the regulars, and no so regulars, guest of Saturgays, I got not only to see my close friends but I was introduce to new people that were either new in Shenzhen or just visiting, my favorite part was that not only LGTB+ members were there, there were also straight people, married couple or in a relationship, I like to know that the environment is comfortable enough for anyone to be welcome and that is the biggest success of this event.

Thank you to the organizers and I give this party BIG A!

Here few photos I took, I am sorry I Don’t have more but I was busy having too much fun!



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SZP Team gets another Award

Original Post source: SZP Team

继去年11月荣获由That’s PRD颁发的深圳最佳活动奖之后,深圳骄傲大家庭又接到了好消息!在1月21号举办的PFLAG深圳分会年会上,主持人向约200位热爱公益的朋友们公布了2017年最佳合作伙伴奖得主,就是咱们组织人们:SZUMMER PRIDE组委会!

After winning the Event of the Year Award at That’s Shenzhen annual award ceremony last November, more great news arrived today. At the Annual Meeting of PFLAG Shenzhen, 200 supporters witnessed the announcement of their Partner Organisation of the Year award…that’s right, it’s your team of organisers, the SZUMMER PRIDE committee!



PFLAG holds events such as outdoor sports, dating and discussion groups throughout the year, aiming to improve the lives of the LGBTQI community, promoting happy families and a tolerant society. The Shenzhen chapter has fully supported SZUMMER PRIDE in the past, and we are excited about an even deeper cooperation in the future.

That’s Shenzhen公布获奖企业/组织的页面


Saturgays Presents: LOLLIPOP

Hello Everyone, for those that live in Shenzhen or near by, you should know about the Saturgay events, every month they try to organize exclusive LGTB+ Party in Shenzhen, I will soon write a post about their organizers, and this month is not different and you should mark your calendar for the next 27th of January 2018

We will welcome the new year as we deserve!


Location: 深圳南山区蛇口工业三路南海意库2栋101  Dolores Park Shekou NH E-Cool Industrial 3RD RD. Building 2#101 Shekou

Closest Metro: Shekou Lline SeaWorld Stop Exit C 蛇口线海上世界出口C

Party Starts at 10 pm! 

Kind reminder: Saturgays events move locations so please don’t take this venue as a permanent for Saturgays, if they get a permanent location I will guys let you know