Saturgays Presents: LOLLIPOP

Hello Everyone, for those that live in Shenzhen or near by, you should know about the Saturgay events, every month they try to organize exclusive LGTB+ Party in Shenzhen, I will soon write a post about their organizers, and this month is not different and you should mark your calendar for the next 27th ofContinue reading “Saturgays Presents: LOLLIPOP”


Hello LaLas, I have heard of a new bar in town (maybe not so new), the name AMO Bar, a Lesbian bar in the center of Shenzhen, if you are looking for it here is the address: 深圳市福田区香蜜湖1979 / Shenzhen XiangMihu 1979 If you want to get there by metro you should take the LineContinue reading “AMO BAR / AMO酒吧”