What is SaturGays?

SaturGays was established in November 2016 by Shane Ryan and Emma Winfield as there were very limited options for LGBT friendly events.

Since then, they have thrown various parties, all with unique themes. For Halloween, they teamed up with a couple of others to host Rocky Horror Halloween Kiki and, in December, they threw a Sexy Santa party.

Last summer, SaturGays joined the SZUMMER PRIDE committee to throw the award winning SZUMMER PRIDE. They will be doing the same this year.

SaturGays are proud to announce that on 27th January 2018, they will be hosting Lollipop at Magma’s Dolores Park.

As always, there will be top entertainment, great drinks and a fabulous atmosphere.

Scan the QR code to purchase your tickets before it’s too late!

Location: 深圳南山区蛇口工业三路南海意库2栋101  Dolores Park Shekou NH E-Cool Industrial 3RD RD. Building 2#101 Shekou

Closest Metro: Shekou Lline SeaWorld Stop Exit C 蛇口线海上世界出口C

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Ice Cream Disco 雪糕吧


 Ice Cream Disco 雪糕吧


Ice Cream Disco is a Gay disco, most of the people there are men, I went there few years ago and I believe is still open, music is good and is like other regular chinese club, you can fine people from Hong Kong there, if you want to checked it out below is the address:

2/F West Tower, Xin 2000 Plaza, Huishang Mingyuan, Nanqing Street, Luohu District 


The closest metro is Laojie station (green line) Exit E and then on the left.

But you can check on google maps or ask people showing the address.

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