What is SaturGays?

SaturGays was established in November 2016 by Shane Ryan and Emma Winfield as there were very limited options for LGBT friendly events. Since then, they have thrown various parties, all with unique themes. For Halloween, they teamed up with a couple of others to host Rocky Horror Halloween Kiki and, in December, they threw aContinue reading “What is SaturGays?”


Hello LaLas, I have heard of a new bar in town (maybe not so new), the name AMO Bar, a Lesbian bar in the center of Shenzhen, if you are looking for it here is the address: 深圳市福田区香蜜湖1979 / Shenzhen XiangMihu 1979 If you want to get there by metro you should take the LineContinue reading “AMO BAR / AMO酒吧”

Sugar Bar 炫酒 吧

Last night I went with few friends to check out the lesbian bar Sugar Bar or  炫酒 吧 The place a small bar with but with good vibe, good music and the staff is very friendly, it is not too expensive and you can have a good time, Also is not hard to find. TheContinue reading “Sugar Bar 炫酒 吧”