When I first moved to Shenzhen over six years ago, I had no idea whether there would even be an LGBT community here. It took a little while to find like-minded people, but not as long as I thought it would.

Over the years, the LGBT community here has slowly expanded. For newcomers it’s still not always easy to find as it’s not advertised or obvious. The official line here is that there are no gay people in China, which means that bars and clubs have to be below the radar; however, there are now regular meet-ups and LGBT nights in Shenzhen and neighbouring Guangzhou, as well as Hong Kong, of course.

The best way to find out what’s going on where and to meet other LGBT people is to join WeChat groups such as: Lalas Shenzhen, Girls on Girls, Shenzhen sauce (yingyu), Saturgays Parties!, and Events for LGBTQ+ & Friends. Alternatively, if you’re not confident about jumping straight into a big group, you can add me on WeChat – my ID is Persephoned – and I’ll be happy to introduce you to the SZ scene. See you there!

Ice Cream Disco 雪糕吧


 Ice Cream Disco 雪糕吧


Ice Cream Disco is a Gay disco, most of the people there are men, I went there few years ago and I believe is still open, music is good and is like other regular chinese club, you can fine people from Hong Kong there, if you want to checked it out below is the address:

2/F West Tower, Xin 2000 Plaza, Huishang Mingyuan, Nanqing Street, Luohu District 


The closest metro is Laojie station (green line) Exit E and then on the left.

But you can check on google maps or ask people showing the address.

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