Rainbow Hip-Hop Night: Review

Anonymous review.

This is my first entry for LalaSZ blog post so please be gentle!8041537950308_.pic.jpg

Last Saturday, I joined the Rainbow party at Luna. I arrived at around 9.30pm and was a little nervous as I didn’t know anyone as I’m ‘fresh off the boat’.

I’d seen the advertisement for the party in a group called EveryGays, that a friend had put me in too.

Upon arrival, I noticed that it was a little quiet but the party organizers introduced themselves as well as a few people that they were stood with. 

After getting a drink from the bar, I went to join a table that had only a few people on and decided to bite the bullet and strike up a conversation with them. I’m so glad I did because they had also come alone and were very friendly.

As the night went on, more and more people started to arrive. By midnight, I’d guess that there were about a hundred people there.

There was a raffle draw for a bottle of Grey Goose and some T-shirts but sadly, I didn’t win.


 If I had to say something negative about the party, I would say that the further into the night it got, the smokier the venue became.

Overall, I had a great time and am looking forward to the next party. I’ve already met up with some new friends that I made and plan to meet up with a few more very soon!


Few photos of the night!

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Rainbow presents: Hip-Hop Night

Rock, paper… Rainbow!

Rainbow Movement is back and with a new party, HIP-HOP night at Luna Bar is on Saturday, September 22nd. If you are one of our followers or new in town you should come and Have the change to meet new people.

Luna BARCaptura de pantalla 2018-09-11 a la(s) 19.38.50

This Bar has been in Shekou for a while, it is one of the original places to go, I should know I used to be a regular, you can find an amazing brunch Sunday morning, with a friendly staff and good service this place is starting to open more and more to the community, They will host our LGBT+ Party

vodka_gre7Specials for the night:

  • 6 Tequila Shots  150 RMB
  • Rum & Coke  35 RMB
  • Gin & Tonic 35 RMB

Wing a bottle of Grey Goose!



Address: Address:  1 Kangle Lu, G/F Fuzhon Hotel, Shekou Shuiwan Metro Station Exit D  /  地址: LUNA酒吧南山招商街道康乐路1-1号水湾地铁站D出口

Below you can find our Qr Code for Payment


Oosh: SeaMen Review

A sea of sailors at Oosh! By anonymous contributor

After hearing about the fun and games one month before, I decided to give HK party outfit Oosh a shot as they held their second SZ event, a sailor-themed dress-up party naughtily named Oosh Seamen on April 28.


I rocked up nice and early as the first show was scheduled for 10:30pm. After getting my name checked off at the door by the outrageous drag queen at the door, I walked in to find funky music playing to a dance floor almost empty save for some flashing lights and a couple of brave foreigners in whacky outfits and sailor hats. I could have just turned around and gone home as the metro was still running, but I’m so glad I didn’t!


I ordered myself a gin and tonic that was definitely more gin than tonic, and before I knew it I had a sailor hat on my head and was being introduced to some very handsome strangers. Not only that, but there was a steady stream of people arriving and the mood was getting much more like a party!

The shows were a combination of standard gogo boy dancing and some kinky interaction. First some guests were asked on stage by the crazy host in short shorts, to tie up the gogo, SM style. I think it was supposed to be about tying knots, but whatever, it was sexy af. They had more activities later and it seems everyone was getting at least a free drink for taking part, which made me wish the guy would choose me. Next time I’ll have to dress up better I guess.

By 12, the place was packed and the crowd ranged from tipsy to very drunk, the bar and dance areas were a writhing hot mess, and all the tables were taken by guests enjoying those seriously strong mixed drinks and a whole lot of tequila shots. Compared to what I had heard before, the venue, B1 in the OCT Loft area, was well decked out with party lights, mirror ball, video screens and smoke machine, but I think they went overboard with the smoke.


Well, venturing outside for a breath of fresh air, I found even more people out there, chatting and drinking, and even being served BBQ from the kitchen, which is something different from what you see at normal gay parties. And outside is where I really saw some amazing costumes. There were several glamorous drag queens and some very cute sailor twinks. Then there were those like me that didn’t have time to dress up, but not so lucky to be given a sailor hat. I guess they weren’t early like me!


The crowd was easily 90% gays, and about half Chinese I guess. The girls were definitely having a good time, but I doubt there were any lala connections made that night. Well, Shenzhen is a big city and there’s room for every type of party, and I’m happy I got to experience Oosh. I think I’ll be back again when they do their video game theme party on May 26. Will you join me?


Captura de pantalla 2018-04-30 a la(s) 12.59.23

OoshAsia In Shenzhen

Hello my Lalas! if you are a regular for HK, or just knew and wants to know more about LGTB+ Parties, you should know about Oosh!

They are here, they are Queer and they want to party!

Captura de pantalla 2018-03-09 a la(s) 15.27.55

Safe the date: 24th March 2018!!



And if you want to follow their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OoshAsia/

I will not be able to go! Sorry guys! but let me know how is it!