OCT Loft Street Market 华侨城创意文化园北区

OCT Loft Street Market



The frist weekend and third weekend of each month you can find the OCT-LOFT Street Creative Market, you can find oriignal arts from local artists, interesting handcraft articles, jewelry accesories, paper notebooks, musical instruments, books, posters, postcards and sometimes you can find live performances.

if you dont know what to do on a Sunday afternoon, this is a good choice.




Address: 深圳南山区香山东街华侨城创意文化园北区

If you are going there by metro you should take the Green Line direction to Louhu and arrive to the QiaoCheng East Stop, take the Exit A, you walk same direction as the cars go and when you arrive to a gas station turn right and walk straight and you will be able to find OCT Loft.

The market is there form 9:00am until around 8:00pm

it is a perfect time to go there and then go to Penny Black and enjoy some Jazz music that starts at 9pm!

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