It is a podcast that you didn’t ask for, but we are doing it anyway. We are two queer women living in China. We like to read posts that other people publish online. We are not experts con social issues, but we believe in words, and we like to talk while eating a good taco!Continue reading “LEZ TACO’BOUT IT”

A Lollipop Review

27th of January 2018 will be mark as the first Saturgays party of the year, hopefully no the last, I am a regular follower of these Saturgays events, it is not only to support the LGTB+ community in Shenzhen but it is also a good way to meet new people, which I did, so IContinue reading “A Lollipop Review”

What is SaturGays?

SaturGays was established in November 2016 by Shane Ryan and Emma Winfield as there were very limited options for LGBT friendly events. Since then, they have thrown various parties, all with unique themes. For Halloween, they teamed up with a couple of others to host Rocky Horror Halloween Kiki and, in December, they threw aContinue reading “What is SaturGays?”


When I first moved to Shenzhen over six years ago, I had no idea whether there would even be an LGBT community here. It took a little while to find like-minded people, but not as long as I thought it would. Over the years, the LGBT community here has slowly expanded. For newcomers it’s stillContinue reading “LGBT in SZ”